What Do You Same: Trees of Christmas Modern Y Madera

We are enjoying a great temporary weekend to do crafts at home. Now approaching Christmas there are a lot of things we can do on our own to decorate. Among these DIY Christmas decoration options some original designs of Christmas trees, as the wood that appear in the images in this article are.

Those who live in small houses have problems when it comes to placing a large tree of Christmas on the floor of the living room and often opted for desktop models, obviously artificial. Table trees You can buy imitating a real tree, but also there are other materials such as Cork, cardboard or wood.

The materials needed for the realization of these trees include the sheets of wood that we cut as shown in the image and that with what you want to decorate. Trees may not be simple, in fact it’s one of many abstract representations of the traditional tree.

Once embedded pieces of wood, These small Christmas trees can be decorated by an infinity of ways, We can decorate with paint the color you want or for example with glitter, in the picture above we see proposals.

A mi seems me an idea very original and also fun, if we cut pieces of wood We can leave to the children of the home each to decorate your tree. Such as small trees we can put several as an ornament in a Cabinet or on the table. The painted are very nice, but personally I’ll stick with the glitter.