Week Decorative XXXVII

As we have in house Chaucha, Bilo has moved recently to a smaller House, but with an enviable terrace. Although they brought all their things every day raises you a new challenge to go them adapting to the new spaces. Clear that he not daunts is so easily, that the walls are empty, because it pulls in insulating tape and is mounted at a time a forest in the bathroom and a challenger fist in the work area.

It seems that either changes or challenges, scary Lola much less the colors. You have chosen yellow, blue, red and green, by way of Parcheesi, to brighten up your home and, judging by the photos, to faith that is getting it.

Week Decorative XXXVII 1

More challenges? Yes, that of Bego, who with a battered umbrella bats has been mounted a spectacular teak planter. Exceeded by far.
We rested a moment of much work with some of reading. In Resseny have already completed the book “City in crisis” by Elaine Morgan, an essay about contemporary cities and their relationship with the environment that has them excited.

And we continue our walk by the decorative blogosphere This week’s recreating us of three things such as a wall clock that I like especially: the toile de Jouy, the lavender and the enamelled sheet pots.

Week Decorative XXXVII2

Esther has chosen the toile in shades of blue for your sewing room, and with it he has dressed Chair pad, the shade of the lamp, Ironing Board and even Wicker laundry tray.

The Lavender It is now at its time of flowering and from my window reminds us that the color of its flowers can be one of the best decorative resources when we look very elegant, delicate and serene environments such as those who teach us.

Week Decorative XXXVII 3

While we admire the precious sheet pots, in white with details in color, showing us at Côté Sud think that those precious fragrant bags of linen and tulle that made in the Apple of my eye surely will be filled also Lavender.