Week Decorative XXVIII

It seems that the latter decorative week, be for one reason or another, many have enjoyed a well deserved holiday. As Charo, who has parked his shabby chic works for a few days to enjoy a rest in Cajamarca, in the mountains of the Peru. There he found these hydrangeas, that impressed her by its color and its size, favoured by the climate and height. I have to tell you that I have hydrangeas in my house of Asturias and are even larger than these. The truth is that I think that I bought the House only for that. Some day I will show them.

Also the hydrangeas, excited to Marta so he took the opportunity to renew an old metal pot with a printed image on a napkin. The result is splendid.

Week Decorative XXVIII 1

Tallerantu have also been on vacation, specifically in the port of Valparaíso, in Chile. The main attraction of this city, declared world heritage in 2003, is its original architecture. The fact that the Spanish colonial architecture is entrelazara with other European styles, especially the Victorian, who were brought to this port by immigrant British and developed extensively during the 19th century, has left in the layout of the city an image original and unique.

Week Decorative XXVIII 2

No doubt are also original, although not unique, ALE cans. Are those Ikea glass with metal cover many have at wood décor, only that she has customized them in black and white, to match your kitchen.

We finished our tour of the blogosphere in echarunremiendu that, on the occasion of the launch of a book on the subject, reminds us of the relationship that had Alma Mahler with the conception and implementation of the Bauhaus.

Week Decorative XXVIII 3

And as always, you know, if you also have a personal blog or know one that you think is of interest for our decorative week we’d love you to share it with us by writing to us at editors @ decoesfera.com. Until the Sunday.