Week Decorative XXIX

David Pallol presents itself to saying that the fighter architecture, as in the others hunt rays, UFOs or birds with their cameras. The photo you see above is one of collected parts, shown in his blog dedicated to the Art Deco Madrid, which has created with the intention of making an exhaustive documentary inventory of the small but valuable heritage which we hold in the capital.

Also of architecture is the blog of urbanarbolismo, a Studio specialized in the integration of architecture and nature, and in which you are working joint aspects of energy efficiency, weatherization, building, water, vegetation and landscape management. This week they give us a very interesting collection of the best buried homes that have been made in recent years. We saw the first one in detail in Decoesfera not long ago.

Week Decorative XXIX 1

Also in Decoesfera we had seen coasters made with tile, but not as curious as the of Katherine Jalaty, we discovered thanks to naifandtastic. In the step by step you can see how easy that is, despite appearances.

Week Decorative XXIX 2

The work that teaches Marcela is also simple and spectacular. Small roses are of fabric, made with strips, to which we can find a lot of decorative applications sewn on curtains, sofas, or napkin rings and cushions as it has.

We can not dismiss our tour of the blogosphere without a reminder for those who are suffering the consequences of the earthquake in Chile. Hopefully everything can soon return to normal.

Week Decorative XXIX 3

Find tips for fixing a wall clock on computerminus.com.