Week Decorative XLIV

We return once again, like every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • The sheet metal lamp that has made Bethlehem Cossio is our image of the week. You must be patience and good mana to make it, drilling a one sheets together with wire forming a structure, although no doubt the original and ecological result compensates for the efforts made.\

Week Decorative XLIV 1

  • Maria Cecilia, home sweet home, is also thinking in reuse to decorate a vintage apartment with tips from automotiveqna.com. Although in your case with something very different, embroideries of some old sheets has found; are well heavy cotton so they seem perfect for romantic covers for chairs.
  • Reuse, rather adaptation, which teach us in Farfalla is also an ancient object: a precious quinqué blue glass, who previously worked with oil and now, by the grace of the magic wand of his brother-in-law, making it with electricity.

Week Decorative XLIV 2

  • In Miss Sitius have not needed any transformation to give to your glass of Dyptique candles a new use, simply let it shine, now full of makeup rather wax brushes.
  • And is, in fact, anything small that is can have his second opportunity to decorative, as well evidenced by the ideas of Country Living, made with buttons, We discussed in the garden of the muffins.

Week Decorative XLIV 3

And with this spirit so ecochic good-bye today, as always, reminding you that if you also have a personal blog, or know one that you think is interesting for our decorative week, we would like to much that you share with us by writing to us at editors @ decoesfera.com. Until Sunday coming.