Week Decorative XLIII

We return once again, like every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • We started with the chairs of marquetry who did Cristina, that they well deserve to be our weekly image. Upholstered, some with toile de Jouy and some with Burlap, according to the latest trends, bring us longer glow of the autumn, When comfortably seated in our home we enjoy it more than ever.

Week Decorative XLIII 1

  • And is that the new season is coming, as it reminds us of Decodeliziosa, which teaches us some pictures of your kitchen, warm and welcoming. In it, apart from the normal as eating and cooking, uses happens delicious moments with her daughter, preparing cookies and biscuits in the cold autumn evenings.
  • We also enter House of Lola, to see how goes it with your home décor with a kitchen wall clock. Since the last time that we spent, there by June, he has made many advances. Not only finished the kitchen, but that he is about to do the same with the bedroom. As the color of the wall seemed a little hard to combine decided to become his own upholstered headboard. That Yes, he has put a touch of originality, looks like cutout, as the vinyl we saw in Decoesfera a few days ago.

Week Decorative XLIII 2

  • The houses of the other hemisphere, South, also are about to receive a new station, but in this case it is the Spring which filled them with inspiration. In the Atelier of Charo the flowers Fuchsia Flash flood table of daily and make it something very special.
  • And in house of Marcela, where is considered essential, we receive already from the hall where is found very well accompanied by the latest additions.

Week Decorative XLIII 3

And with this explosion of color, hurrah for our summer that dying, we said goodbye, as always, reminding you that if you also have a personal blog, or know one that you think is interesting for our decorative week, we would like to much that you share with us by writing to us at editors @ decoesfera.com. Until Sunday coming.


anthemion | PaTTernS.PaTTernS.PaTTernS.PaTTernS.

anthemion | PaTTernS.PaTTernS.PaTTernS.PaTTernS.

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