Week Decorative LIII

We return once again, like every Sunday, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

  • We mentioned last week how in our tour had found a profusion of Christmas trees and yet no Bethlehem. Because on this occasion that we have found one, that of Miss Rosenthal, accompanied, that Yes, a small tree according to the size of the House that luce. The Bethlehem has been many years in the House and has the peculiarity that is somewhat racist, the three kings are white. And they have improvised the Christmas tree this year with a vase, twigs and a ball of wool. Seem to me precious, so much one as the other.

Week Decorative LIII 1

  • Apparently everyone has already finished Christmas decoration because, in general, we see that these days has been devoted to other purposes, especially to the restoration and recovery of furniture. So did Sole, Decora gadget, which is excited since it has stapler upholstery. This time was invented some stools from chairs, cutting off the top part, which was in disrepair and upholstering seats with a very cheerful fabric. Look for a wall clock as modern décor.

Week Decorative LIII 2

  • In a House for two they just released section, just dedicated to the reinterpetracion and restoration. To inaugurate it also have elected chairs, which have transformed completely so that is integrated in the home of its owner.
  • In the trunk of Bego continue with its course of restoration speaking, in this occasion, over the cleaning of the Cabinet. In addition, to ensure that they are not forgotten, have created a recipe book in the virtual classroom where you can consult the different formulas of the products needed to carry out this work.
  • Of main first van very developed, have already written his letter to the three kings. They have asked the lounge chair and the Eames Ottoman, and as they have been very good, we hope that they bring. We know that otherwise they would form with anything specifically designed the Eames, keep that in mind Lords magicians.

Week Decorative LIII 3

  • What they teach us in and a bit of design is completely different. It is of the images of a bar Lion, the back room of the 13, with a very special decoration filled with mixtures which without a doubt worth seeing.