We Have Seen… an Old Macbook Turned into Lamp

The other day I had the opportunity to visit in Barcelona store and headquarters of Dosnoventa, a brand of very special bicycle frames. The case is that so much beauty on two wheels, I came across a curious decorative detail: an old Macbook turned into lamp.

I have to admit that the first thing that I thought was making there noses which hung that portable. Certainly not seemed the most suitable location for a computer, because it is also located in the area destined to the workshop of bicycles, but soon I realized that it was of a lamp created by reusing a Macbook cover.

Basically, what he has done has been to use the lid of the laptop as screen for a Wall lamp built from a strip of white LEDs coiled around the fixing. This way creates a diffuse light across the surface of the wall, with the detail that also illuminates the Apple from the top.

I don’t know that there will be able to pass to that Macbook, because the aluminum models do not have more than four or five years, but jobs have to throw him out or relegate him to a dark life in the attic, I think much better turn it into lamp.