Wall Kitchen Scales, for a More Orderly Kitchen

I firmly believe that there is that hang everything that is susceptible to hang, is the best way to keep order and take advantage of the space. Although this principle can be applied to all areas of our home is in the kitchen where acquires greater relevance since hygiene and operation it is essential to keep the worktop clean and as clear as possible, gadgets.

Why I like more the Wall kitchen scales to the desktop, according to elishui, Models that can be found on the market are quite similar technical characteristics. Battery-operated and generally include various functions: LCD display for easy reading, clock, timer with audible signal and some more advanced thermometer, or even ounces to grams converter as the WMF.not to hinder the work, do not occupy space in cabinets or on horizontal surfaces and are always at hand when you need them.

The scaled from weight go gram in gram, up to a maximum of 3 kg on all models. Most also include function of Tara, something that seems essential to simply know the really added weight regardless of the container.

With regard to the design, as we can see in the images predominate elongated forms, although we have also found a round model and another square that is not reflected. All have two parts, that which is fixed to the wall and that is lowered, with the first, which includes a plate of glass support to deposit food despite.

The finishes they are blank or mostly in stainless steel. When the balance is closed the aesthetics is very pleasant and can easily harmonize with the decorative style of any kitchen.

Finally, as regards the prices, the scale goes from 20 euros of cheaper models, like the Jocca, up to 80 of the most expensive as the WMF. A very marked difference which, in my view, not enough is justified since benefits are in general very similar.