The Week Decorative XXXVIII

As every Sunday in our decorative week We share with you those blogs that have in the past seven days have been especially drawn our attention by their interesting experiences.

  • We started our tour stopping in Fatidica Gala, which has just celebrated the Moroccan week on his blog, commemorating last year by this time was in Marrakech. He has written five tickets on sites, places and environments that captivated him, like the Majorelle House where lived the Couturier Yves Saint Laurent or the Riad Dar el Qadi, where he stayed, whose current owner is a Dutch architect who has even designed some of the furniture.

The Week Decorative XXXVIII 1

  • Ana did not travel, they took advantage of their feast days for Paint. Now he shows us the result of the guest room as well as kitchen décor, with two walls in color vanilla and the other two in turquoise, a radical change that further enhance the new textiles and accessories.
  • The work made by Rocio was a very special occasion: the birth of his niece. And is that you can also make decorative gifts for a newborn baby, as the beautiful lamp Nimbus which now illuminates the bedroom of Nora and that today is our cover photo. It consists of 20 cut out pieces that his aunt produced some other little problem of lace and unlock.

The Week Decorative XXXVIII 2

  • Speaking of babies, stuffed animals are a common gift. Although not as see those us in Chamber of wonders, of course. It is a series of stuffed hunting trophies that the German manufacturer Steiff published in the 1950s. Are currently very difficult to find and therefore prized by collectors.
  • And the Cot quilts? Yes, also are a common gift, even we could also say that decorative. Clear that Maria has been found to his a quite different utility: as the Ikea Ingo dining table cover.

The Week Decorative XXXVIII 3

  • We can not finish our walk without talk about character these days: the South Africa World, but from our point of view, of course. Redecorate teach us as it is the home of argentina’s national team in Pretoria, I wonder if those of the other teams will also be in that line.