The Comprehensive Reform in the Apartment in Santiago De Compostela

It is possible to entry give you a bit of envy, but also you can inspire for future changes in your home, so I would lend attention to the comprehensive reform in this apartment in Santiago de Compostela, which has opened the kitchen to other rooms, integrating it in a unique space with access, lounge and dining areas with a terrace isolated by a mobile enclosure that can be easily collected and you can enjoy an outdoor environments throughout the year.

The House receives plenty of natural light through the glass roof and windows of the terrace and that brightness is enhanced through an Interior marked by the predominance of the White walls, ceilings and furniture. The counterpoint is located in the touches of color contributed by cushions, chairs and decorative elements that, combined with the warm finishes of counter top, table dining room, lounge sofa and the flooring, they contribute to a lively, casual atmosphere and really friendly.

The floor boasts 55 square meters and is located in the Ensanche area of Santiago de Compostela. The aim of the reform was to turn it into a home with spacious, airy and bright spaces that is much more comfortable and friendly family. The reform projected by the architect Alba Castelo includes removal of partitions, to set up a central open stay which integrates the areas of access, kitchen, dining room, living room and terrace.

The project stands out for one ingenious solution that joined in the floor 25 square meters outdoor terrace: It’s two glazed mobile walls, one to cover the roof of this area and the other to separate it from the rest of the floor. The doors that make up this last enclosure can collect completely, allowing users open or insulate the space when they want it. Thus, without generating Visual obstacles or interrupt the entry and diffusion of natural light, the stay closes and conditions for use during any time of the year.

To furnish the kitchen, Santiago interiors, the firm responsible for the reform, he opted for a combination of LINE-E and ARIANE white models seff of Saints, two minimalistic designs that are discreetly integrated into the architecture of the House, with its clean lines and pure, reinforcing the idea of a space that is intended both to cook and enjoy in family.

The furniture of kitchen is organized in U, with a composition of columns at one end and one peninsula on the other. Between the two lies the area of scour, near a window to take advantage of natural light. Furniture is completed with two folding cabinets and a rack on top for collecting ornaments, recipes and small appliances.

The Peninsula concentrates the main functions kitchen, including the cooking area and a large work surface, to linger on one of its sides, it can also work as bar for breakfast or fast food. In addition, it incorporates three service modules with shelves on the outside and on the inside, two number-plate holder modules equipped with three levels of total extraction and capacious drawers.

At the opposite end to the peninsula, a composition of three column cabinets It features appliances and multiple solutions of storage in a compact and organized space. Modules located at the ends are the boiler, dishwasher and refrigerator, while the central integrated oven and microwave.

The inner terrace, the most lovable of the floor without a doubt, is organized around a fireplace with Quento barbecue, has sofas, chairs and a table that make it an ideal place to gather family at any time of the day and she also available various furniture design LINE-white E Santos seff.

The dining room, located perpendicular to the kitchen to facilitate service and removal of cutlery, has of a table for five guests of Banak Importa illuminated by a lamp Bell of Normann Copenhagen. The living room, equipped with a sofa and coffee table, is set on a carpet of HK Living, an element that joins forces with Normann Copenhagen, Boho Deco Chick, pads there and Fine Little Day to give this space a distinctly homely character. The Quick-Step laminate flooring extends over all the rooms of the House, except in bathrooms and terrace, giving warmth and uniformity to the set.

Accessed through a corridor between the kitchen and the dining room to the other areas of the House: a bathroom with sliding door and a child’s bedroom, located on both sides of Hall, and the master bedroom, which includes dressing room, bathroom and Nobel bed with headboard from Ikea.

Although both in the suite and in the child’s bedroom remains the dominance of white, the Ferm Living wallpaper covering a septum of the latter contributes, with its colorful touch, to generate an atmosphere very in keeping with the person destined to enjoy it.

Project Alba Castelo has taken care of particularly the decorative details, incorporating multiple items available in the shop that speaks to Cheer up. Thus, the child nursery has been chosen by a Snurk duvet cover, a table lamp A Little Lovely Company, Lorena Casals and Cozy Kids pads, carpet of this same brand and a rocker white Sunrise. For the suite has been chosen one rug there, hübsch and A Little Lovely Company lamps, bedside table and robe of HK Living, table and Norman Copenhagen candle holder and a luminous letter of Heidi Swapp.

Highlights also the walls and floors of the tiled bathrooms with Porcelanosa flooring and, for the equipment: showers, taps and toilets of rock and Hansgrohe. In the case of the toilet, there is a towel Cicsa Zeta Flat.

I don’t know what opinaréis you but I do not you may like me more, especially knowing that many renounced the use of the terrace in Santiago de Compostela climate, for much of the year and that we could always use it in addition to a larger House with a solution like this. Simply great!