Tenth Dictionary Definitions

The Latin word decĭmus arrived in Castilian as a tenth or tenth. This is what is called that which continues in order to the ninth. For example: “The German pilot finished the race in tenth position”, “The tenth edition of the international book fair will take place during the month of August”, “This is the tenth time I have told you: order your room or I won’t give you permission to attend the dance. ”

Take the case of a solidarity campaign that is carried out with the aim of collecting warm clothes that are then donated to the poorest people during the winter. This annual campaign was carried out for the first time in 1989 and, since then, it has been carried out without interruption. This means that the tenth edition of the initiative took place in 1998, succeeding the editions of 1989 (the first), 1990 (second), 1991 (third), 1992 (fourth), 1993 (fifth), 1994 (sixth) , 1995 (seventh), 1996 (eighth) and1997 (9th).

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In many areas, such as a solidarity campaign, but also television, radio or publishing, reaching the tenth edition of a certain project can be of great importance. If we take for example a radio program made with few resources but with great dedication, it is not always possible to keep it alive for ten seasons, regardless of how long each one lasts, since the world is controlled by big companies; thus, such a case is worthy of admiration.

The number ten is very significant in cultures that use the decimal system as the basis of their arithmetic operations. We are accustomed to dividing life itself into portions of ten units: be it periods of ten years, groups of ten people, or even sections that are measured in multiples of ten of the official units, as is the case with streets that divide into highways. hundred meters or the parts of the roads that measure one kilometer.

This is not a coincidence but follows from the fact that our first approach to mathematics teaches us that the multiples of ten are, in a way, milestones in which everything is divided. From a young age we learn to use all kinds of devices that remind us of this arbitrary limit of ten units, such as the telephone or the calculator with its ten possible digits, as well as the television channels, the washing machine programs and the combination of a safe. strong.

In the first paragraph there is a reference to the tenth warning that a father or a mother gives to one of their children, and this must be understood figuratively: it is not necessarily a series of ten repetitions, but this term is used to emphasize the fact that the message has been given to him many, many times and that it is time for him to understand it and behave accordingly.

The tenth time weighs more than the ninth or even the thirteenth, probably because it was the first of all to go from one figure to two.

Each of the identical parts into which something is divided is also known as a tenth: a unit of measure, a degree of fever, a lottery ticket, etc.

In the field of poetry, a tenth is a composition made up of a dozen eight-syllable lines, of which the first line rhymes with the fourth and fifth; the second rhymes with the third; the sixth is combined with the seventh and with the tenth; and the eighth rhymes with the ninth. After the fourth line, a colon or full stop can be used, but no longer after the fifth.