Special Wrappers for Most Endearing Gifts

If the other day we talked about Japanese wrappers with fabrics, furoshiki, today have sought the most beautiful papers, tapes for bright or recycled materials cards to make more craft to give ideas and inspiration Christmas congratulations and that your gifts are so appealing from the first sight until the package is opened and Couture.

Gifts under the tree are as decorative as they can be garlands of lights or bright balls. A well-wrapped package gives value to the gift and mostly talks about love and detail. Roles of cellophane or silk, tape with glitter or rope colors, thousand and one way that gift is attractive to us.

We can also opt for the recycled material. If a few days ago, we saw the crowns with flowers made of recycled paper, now more chic than a newspaper wrapping a gift, with small figures with Christmas hanging from the string. I personally love packages with brown paper. Remember me the packages that were received once filled with postmark from far away.

To find helpers when it comes to wrapping gifts, no one better than the dwarves of the House. They are specialists in leave to your imagination. They are able to fill a blank paper with drawings, cramming hearts a brown paper or paint with fluorescent fabric paint, the funniest patchwork wrap. Let them do, because in addition to including them in a familiar task, which are they put more feeling.

Do you fancy to wrap gifts bought with affection in the? more special packages?