Recicladecoracion: a Tree of Christmas Made with Cartons of Eggs

A few hours of the arrival of Santa Claus some still don’t have prepared your Christmas tree. However ideas will not be, and this year we have seen many and very witty. Between the most original proposals for different Christmas trees, they are what make reference to trees made from recycled or reused materials.

What we see in the picture of this article is made with egg cartons and has been spectacular. Clear that we are no longer in time to gather as many cartons for Christmas this year, but we take note of the idea in the face of the coming year. We can also make smaller versions within the same idea, that need fewer boxes.

The realization of a Christmas like this tree is quite laborious, first must be done with all the boxes and to go by saving it must have enough space, once we have them all toca saddle tree. The boxes are painted one to one in one or several shades of green, to better represent the FIR.

Once all the boxes are painted and dried comes the time to place them and that is not at all simple. We will start with the largest base and let small, those of half a dozen, to the top. We will have to fix it somehow, because if we just support them we run the risk that everything will come down. But with a little patience and the cooperation of the family, we can get a tree of boxes of eggs so of sensational.