Quality Dictionary Definitions

Quality refers to the ability of an object to meet implicit or explicit needs according to one parameter, a fulfillment of quality requirements.

Quality is a subjective concept. Quality is related to the perceptions of each individual to compare one thing with any other of the same species, and various factors such as culture, product or service, needs and expectations directly influence this definition.

The term quality comes from the Latin qualitas or qualitatis.

Quality can refer to the quality of life of people in a country that is defined as the comparison of the resources needed to access certain basic goods and services.

The quality of the water we drink or the quality of the air we breathe is also comparable to the ideal parameters of water and air or in relation to other countries.

The quality of the service provided by a particular company is associated with its quality in relation to the perception of satisfaction and the quality of a product in general refers to the quality and durability of the good.

The quality, in relation to the products and / or services, has several definitions, such as that the product meets the requirements of the customers, the added value, something that similar products do not have, the cost / benefit ratio, etc.

A current vision of the concept of quality in Marketing indicates that quality is not giving the customer what he wants, but delivering what he had never imagined he wanted and that once he gets it, he realizes that it was what he had always wanted.

There is also quality control, quality assurance and quality management are concepts that are related to quality in the industry and services. These concepts are used in various areas through quality indicators, such as quality standards or standards, for example, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and others, defined by the International Organization for Standardization since 1947.