Organic Fertilizer Dictionary Definitions

The concept of compost has different uses, but this time we are interested in staying with its meaning as the substance used to fertilize the soil. The organic adjective, for its part, also has several meanings: it can be what has carbon as its main component.

An organic fertilizer is a type of fertilizer that is produced from plants, animals, or fungi. Different is the case of inorganic fertilizers, which derive from mining activities or fossil fuels and require an industrial process for their manufacture.

The use of organic fertilizers is more environmentally friendly compared to the rest of the fertilizers. They allow, for example, to reuse organic waste, help to fix carbon to the ground, require less energy for its production and help increase the soil’s capacity for water absorption. As a negative point, organic fertilizers can favor the appearance of pathogens if they do not receive the appropriate treatment.

On the other hand, many people choose to consume foods whose obtaining does not imply the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, because these kinds of foods are healthier.

The humus produced by earthworms; the compost that is made with food scraps, wood and leaves; and manure (animal feces) are some of the most popular types of organic fertilizers. Their choice usually depends on the crop and the environmental characteristics of the region.

However, we cannot overlook the existence of many other organic fertilizers such as:
-The ashes that come from woods that do not have any type of paint. They are considered to be a great alternative when it comes to treating soils that have the peculiarity of having a very acidic PH. And it is that they provide both magnesium and calcium or potassium.
-The mob. Under such a singular name is a very spongy matter that is obtained from the decomposition of vegetables that have had little oxygen and a lot of humidity. It should also be emphasized that there are two types: the blonde, which has an acidic PH, and the black, which is identified as having a neutral PH.
-The green manure, which is obtained from plants that have been planted and then cut into pieces. It is a great type of organic fertilizer to ensure that soils that are badly eroded or have been damaged by the use of too many toxic products are in their best condition again.
-The guano. It is one of the most unique organic fertilizers that exist and is basically the one obtained from defecation of bats and birds that are marine. It is considered to be very rich in phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium.
That without forgetting that there are other equally effective but really peculiar ones, such as, for example, bone meal, coffee grounds, human urine, eggshells.

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