Open Dictionary Definitions

Open is the execution of an action in order to discover something that was closed or that was not accessible to the naked eye.

The word open derives from the Latin aperire. It is a regular verb whose participle is open and gerund is opening. It is conjugated like all verbs with ending -ir. For example, in the present tense it is conjugated:

  • I open
  • you open
  • he opens
  • we open
  • you open
  • They open

Open, used in different contexts, is presented through various actions such as:

  • Open a door, a file or a web page: it is the action that will allow entry to what the object contains. Some of its synonyms are: uncover, discover, show.
  • Open a space or a hole: it refers to breaking something to create a place that did not exist before. Some of its synonyms are: split, pierce, tear.
  • Open an account, an event or a competition: indicates that something that was prepared for a specific purpose will be started or inaugurated. Some of its synonyms are: debut, release, start.
  • Open the heart, eyes or ears: the use of the verb with the senses implies a contact with emotionality, affectivity and reception. Some of its synonyms are: sincere, trust, raise awareness.