Nail Dictionary Definitions

Discovering the meaning of the term nail is what we are going to do, but first of all, we must know its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it is a cultism that derives from the Latin “clavus”, which can be translated as “nail” or “rudder”.

It is called nail a thin, elongated object that has tip and head and is used to fix something. The nails are made of metal and must be struck on the head so that the point is inserted in one place and thus an element can be secured to something else.

For example: “I am going to find some nails to hang the poster”, “I will try to repair the chair with nails, but I don’t know if I will be able to”, “The nail did not resist the weight of the painting, which ended up falling down”.

There are nails of different sizes. The thicker and longer it is, the more weight it can support. Nailing a sheet of cardboard is not the same as holding a wooden shelf: both actions will require different nails.

Typically, a hammer is used to drive a nail into a surface. With one hand the nail should be held, placing the tip on what this piece should pierce. With the other hand, the head of the nail must be struck with a hammer. Each stroke will push the tip of the nail further and further into the surface. It is important to perform this task with caution since striking the hammer against a finger can cause a very painful injury.

Without a doubt, the best known nails in history are those that were used to carry out the crucifixion of Christ. Nails that have generated endless controversies, mysteries and theories. And it is that until today there are many legends that revolve around those and where they are.

Thus, there are theories that establish that they were used by the mother of Emperor Constantine I to melt them and make them part of her son’s armor and also of his horse’s bit. And that’s how he thought that his offspring would always have divine protection.

However, another legend indicates that these nails were used to melt and shape the iron crown that was used in Italy to crown the kings of this country since the Middle Ages.

To all this it must be added that, like many other relics of which there are numerous doubts as to their origin, there are some nails that are venerated in different corners of the world and that it is indicated that they were the ones with which Jesus was crucified. Thus, they can be found one by one in these places: the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Holy Cross of Jerusalem, the Cathedral of Milan and in Rome.

The clove tree, also known as clavero, is a plant whose flowers, before they open, dry and are used as a spice. This dried flower bud is called a clove.

Characterized by their strong aroma and flavor, cloves are used in many gastronomic recipes. They can also be used to produce incense and incense.

Certain calluses that can appear on a foot, compresses used to heal wounds, severe pain, discomfort and discomfort can also be called a nail.