Minipisos: Taking Advantage of The High

I don’t know if you recall a post earlier above minipisos in which we speak of one very similar to this, which was used a very small space thanks to the artificial divisions.

The idea is roughly, that having a single space, properly said, install an internal structure that allows us to delimit the areas in the easiest way possible.

The difference of this small study in comparison with the previous is that in this case we have a considerable height, that we can leverage, is what the architect Kyu Sung Woo, responsible for the distribution and decoration has been based.

However, the distribution is identical, and the part below the kitchen, at the top, the bedroom, with plenty of space and its own Hall, but going by parties.

The bedroom

Is located at the top of the kitchen, thanks to a wooden structure that divides the room.

To prevent falls, and further limit the space of the bedroom has been placed a sheet of glass to one side, as a wall. On the other side, which go up to the bedroom has been used a curtain.

The Hall It is the most original of the bedroom, as the roof is not high enough was made a cut in the wood distancing in one fraction further from the ceiling to so do times Hall.

On the back is the ladder, that rises to the top and empties into the Hall from the bedroom, under which is the gateway to the bathroom the only real division of the apartment.

The dressing room

The dressing room part of the wooden structure, with the Hall, broad is formed and in light colors.

It has a unique sliding door, which moves along the room better than folding doors to avoid spending unnecessary space.

It looks great in the first image.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is located on the bottom structure, on line on the wall, it distributed appliances and cabinets on the bottom. At the top, shelves free where to place anything and without visual weight.

Outside the dining room, is already in the form of L, an extension of the kitchen for about 2 meters, and which continues with the lounge, which is distributed by the window.

Worst of the distribution? Odors that can go up to the bedroom.

The best? The distribution of the furniture with respect to light, which allows you to take advantage of it throughout the entire House.