Low Tatras, Slovakia

The Low Tatras are a mountain range, part of the Carpathians, located south of the famous High Tatras and separated from them by the Vah River, the longest waterway in Slovakia. The Low Tatras are a place of pilgrimage for numerous winter sports enthusiasts from around the world, and are also actively visited by tourists in summer. This is the second most popular tourist destination in the state. Unlike the neighboring mountains, the Low Tatras cannot boast of three-thousander peaks: only three peaks reach a height of two thousand meters. However, despite this, the rapidly developing infrastructure, beautiful nature with rich flora and fauna, the largest folklore festival in Slovakia held in July, the presence of entertainment such as water parks, thermal parks and cultural and natural attractions make the region a real paradise for travelers.. Check ANDYEDUCATION.COM to learn more about Slovakia.

If the purpose of the trip is to get acquainted with the traditions and national characteristics of Slovakia, then there is nothing better than a trip to the Low Tatras, to the city of Detva, during the famous folklore festival. It is organized every year at the beginning of July. The duration of the event is always different, from a week to three or four days. The place is not chosen by chance. The fact is that Detva is considered the unofficial folklore capital of Slovakia.

The Low Tatras are considered one of the most ecologically clean corners of Europe: their territory is almost entirely a national park. Despite the lower altitudes, the Low Tatras are slightly affected by little snow. The resorts have 20-30 km of prepared trails and good tourist infrastructure. The highest peaks of the Low Tatras are Dumbier (2043 m) and Chopok (2024 m).

How to get there

There are several ways to get to the resorts of the Low Tatras. To begin with, you will need to fly from Moscow to the Poprad-Tatra airport, which is considered the highest mountain in Europe and the closest to the Low Tatras. The airport is located 5 km from the city of Poprad, located at the foot of the mountains. It is impossible to get to the village by public transport from the airport, so you will have to take a taxi or rent a car. Further, depending on where you plan to vacation, you can choose between traveling by bus, train or rental car.

By train

From Bratislava (terminal – Kosice) there are trains to Liptovsky Mikulas, which is the closest railway station to the most popular resort of the Low Tatras – Jasna. Travel time varies from 3 hours 10 minutes to 4 hours. The cost depends on the duration of the trip and the class. The approximate price of a one-way trip is about 10-15 EUR. Also, this train makes a stop at the station Ružomberok, belonging to the resort of the same name. Travel time is about 3 hours 40 minutes. One-way fare in second class is about 12 EUR.

If a trip from Poprad is planned, then the same train, when moving back from Kosice to Bratislava, stops at the station in Poprad, after which, after making several stops, it arrives in Liptovsky Mikulas. Travel time is about 40 minutes. The cost of a one-way trip is about 3-5 EUR. All the same applies to Ružomberok station.

From Liptovský Mikulas you will need to get to the resort by taxi (about 14 km), or by bus. Ružomberok station is located next to the resort.

By bus

From the bus station in Liptovský Mikuláš, public transport departs to Jasna. There will be no confusion with stops, since the destination is the final one on the route. Travel time varies from half an hour to forty minutes.

Weather in Low Tatras

In the mountains, the climate is continental. The foothills are characterized by slightly lower temperatures. The average temperature in January is -6 C°, in July – about 15.8 C°. The average annual temperature at the highest altitudes is around 0°C.

Main resorts

Ružomberok, Jasna and Donovaly. Jasna is reputedly the best ski resort in Eastern Europe. The Donovaly resort is still little known on the Russian market. Ružomberok is considered the best resort, where you get rest and service at a “level” for quite reasonable prices. In general, the Low Tatras can be recommended to active skiers.

Entertainment and attractions

Vacationers in the resorts of the Low Tatras can go on an excursion to the Demänovská cave (half a day, about 20 EUR), to the “ghost castle” Bojnice (for the whole day, about 50 EUR) and to the medieval town of Spis (for the whole day, about 45 EUR). You can also go splashing in the Besenova thermal pool in an organized way (for the whole day, about 20 EUR) and for a night “sankovka” in Stary Smokovec (30 EUR).

Low Tatras, Slovakia