Learning from The Flower Workshop of Westwing

Initiatives and events of Interior design and decoration they are not only showcases to see inspiring spaces and the newest trends for our homes. They have a whole world around in which professionals from different sectors that encompass the universe give lectures, round tables, discussions and… workshops.

This week we have had the privilege of attending a workshop of flowers with Mariluz Brumalis Peñalver as guests of Westwing. An event, in which our host has been Erico Navazo, responsible for the interior design of the space Westwing Home Decor 2016.

A spectacular bouquet step by step

If you just drop the flowers in the vase according to sacks from the packaging, you will never have a spectacular bouquet. Brumalis He has specialized in very natural ramos, in the mixed flowers of different origins and prices. Let’s see how to do Ramos in spiral, in which you can move the flowers without difficulty, or spoil the effect of what has been done.

Step 1: material at hand

Select flowers and bouquets of very different kinds: a couple of peonies, a pineapple, a bunch of tulips, wax flower, limonium of different colors and different clusters of green. Make sure that you have the pruning shears and the Twine you will tie your bouquet. It would also be interesting that you had chosen the vase, because it must be in accordance with the size of the bouquet.

Step 2: out sheets

Had never removed the leaves to the branches, because it seemed to me that they were more lush and is true, but lose the charm of the form and it is impossible to make a careful design. So out leaves and flowers that are divided into many branches, should also be separate them.

It is important to make our bouquet last, much as the flowers are as fresh as possible, in Brumalis they do every morning from the Netherlands, Colombia and Peru.

Step 3: start the spiral technique

We take as a backbone of our industry a big flower, such as Peony. Forget about if some stems are longer than others, that is the end. We will begin to unite all the flowers with stems in the same direction e will be giving back to the bouquet carefully while you insert the flowers, which is going to ensure that when we look at the result we can rectify flowers they are in the middle of the bouquet.

Step 4: attach the bouquet

For this you can ask for help, I needed it because I was afraid that with one hand is me desparramara all the bouquet (and I was staying beautiful) It binds well with double turn of string and you look if the effect is desired, if want to change something or it is more beautiful.

Step 5: measuring pitcher

To get an idea, the branch should sit with the edge of the vase, not stay over, so very well measure the bouquet and begin cutting the stems. It is important to cut them on the diagonal and although in Brumalis not spoil him aspirin to the water, if that is recommended that water be changed and stems are cut when we have just brought flowers from the florist or nursery. Now already only is find the perfect place to make your bouquet will look well with spiral technique.

What you think about the result? Do you fancy to fill houses with? vases filled with flowers DIY?