Lawyer Dictionary Definitions

The word lawyer comes from the Latin advocātus. An attorney is a doctor or law graduate who is responsible for the defense and direction of the parties involved in judicial or administrative proceedings. You can also provide legal advice and advice.

The professional practice of this profession requires, in most countries, that the lawyer has a state authorization or that he is registered with a Bar Association or similar institution.

It is important to underline that there is a document that is called the “lawyer’s decalogue” and that it is a set of “commandments” that every legal professional must strictly observe. Among those maxims are, for example, to love your profession, be loyal to both the client and the adversary and also to the law itself, fight for justice, work hard, tolerate and have patience.

The lawyer is not only in charge of defending the interests of a third party during a trial. One of its most important functions is preventive, where it deals with advising its clients and drafting documents and contracts in such a way that no legal conflicts arise.

The lawyer can also be an extrajudicial mediator, to prevent a problem or confrontation from becoming a judicial proceeding.

In general, those who must appear in court must have an attorney. The lawyer is a guarantee of legitimate defense for those involved in the process. Therefore, the writings and judicial presentations are delivered with the signature of both, both the client and his lawyer.

Those citizens who do not have the financial resources to pay for the services of a lawyer receive free legal aid: these are official lawyers or public defenders, who depend on the State.

In the same way, and colloquially, it is important that we underline the fact that the expression advocate of the devil is used. With it, what is intended is to express that a worker of the Law in question is capable of defending any cause, even in which she does not believe.

Precisely in the cinematographic field there is a film entitled “The Devil’s Advocate”. In 1997 it was when this film was released, directed by Taylor Hackford and starring Robert de Niro and Keanu Reeves, in which he is counted as an ambitious and highly successful young lawyer capable of leaving his wife aside, seriously ill, in order to get his client, whom he knows guilty of a serious crime, to be declared innocent.

Likewise, there is also the expression dry land lawyer that is used regularly to refer to that jurist who not only does not practice as such but also lacks the skills and abilities necessary to do so.

It should be noted that the lawyer is subject to professional secrecy (he cannot disclose the information provided by his client). Its obligation is to litigate in accordance with the social responsibility that its role confers on it.