Kingston, Jamaica

After a trip to Kingston, you will have something to tell your friends about. Here you will not be able to wander through the ancient ruins or spend days inspecting museums with an audio guide at the ready (although you will find several interesting museums in the capital of Jamaica). Moreover, Kingston is not even the most popular beach resort in the country. The city attracts thrill-seekers, it has a bad reputation, but it is still worth getting to know Kingston. From here you will take away a whole baggage of impressions and, of course, a beautiful tan. For Jamaica climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

How to get there

On the long spit linking Port Royal and Kingston is the Norman Manley International Airport, from here to the center of the capital of Jamaica – 20 km. Flights from Russia with transfers in Europe or the USA fly to Kingston regularly. Not far from downtown there is a smaller airport – Kingston Tinson Pen. It receives flights from Montego Bay (14 seat Jamaica Air Shuttle aircraft)

Minibuses and buses number 98 run between the main international airport and the city. The fare for one person is 100 JMD, a taxi will cost about 1500 JMD.


More than ten banks are located on Knutsford Boulevard. They are open Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 14:00 and Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00. Almost all banks have currency exchange offices and ATMs that operate around the clock.

Be vigilant in Kingston

Kingston has a reputation for being a dangerous city with a high crime rate. You should not visit Kingston during elections, when the situation is especially tense. Avoid West Kingston, stick to the city center, main roads. At the hotel reception, you can ask the manager which areas are the most dangerous. At night, you should not walk around the city alone.


Buses and minibuses run around the city. They only stop at official stops, so in Kingston you can’t just “catch” a minibus. Public transport hours: 5:00-22:00. The fare is 50-80 JMD.

It is easy to hail a taxi in the city, except when it is raining and the demand for them rises sharply. It is best to order a taxi at the hotel, then there will be no doubt that you will be lucky with a proven driver. A trip from New Kingston to the city center will cost approximately 500 JMD.

From Kingston you can get anywhere on the island by bus, minibus or minibus.

From Kingston you can get anywhere on the island by bus, minibus or minibus. They depart from the downtown terminal (Beckford & Pechon Sts), five blocks west of William Grant Park.

Several buses also depart from the Half Way Tree area, where you can catch a local bus to New Kingston. Before boarding the bus, check with the driver where he is going.

Rent a Car

The largest and most popular car rental company is Island Car Rentals. Its main office is located in New Kingston, at 17 Antigua Avenue. The company’s branch is located at Manly International Airport. Other companies: Avis, Budget and Hertz.

Of course, in order to rent a car, you need to be over 23 years old and have an international driving license.


There are many small shops in Kingston where you can buy natural soap. The Half Way Tree Shoppingcentr sells Bob Marley T-shirts and DVDs. At the intersection of Hope Road and Barbican Road is the Sovereign Center shopping complex, there are many shops with all sorts of things, as well as a grocery store, and here you can also have a bite to eat in the cafeteria.

Cuisine and restaurants in Kingston

Kingston is not the place to enjoy fine dining and discover new flavors. You will have to eat here, mainly fast food. Eateries such as KFC, Burger King, TGI Fridays and Island Grill fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the city. On the territory of Devon House there is an ice cream parlor and a bakery, where you can also look.

We can recommend the White Bones Seafood restaurant – a very good, but expensive place that serves fish and seafood dishes. On Tuesdays there is an all-you-can-eat shellfish night that costs 3,000-4,000 JMD.

Entertainment and attractions of Kingston

The main attraction of Kingston is Devon House – the home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel. There is a beautiful park in front of the house. For a change, you can go to the Kaimanos Park racetrack, where races are held on weekends.

There are many bars and discos on Knutsford Boulevard that are open at night.

Museums in Kingston

The Bob Marley Museum is open Monday through Saturday. The tour lasts one hour, including a 20-minute film. The National Gallery of Jamaica introduces the masterpieces of island creativity, this is the second most popular museum in the country. The small Arawak Museum (or Taino Museum) keeps artifacts about the native inhabitants of Jamaica – the Arawak Indians (or Taino).

The Folk Museum of Crafts and Technology is another small exhibit that showcases pottery and farming tools used by Jamaican farmers.

Weather in Kingston

Daytime temperature does not fall below +30 °C. The hottest months are July and August, but January-February is only two or three degrees cooler. The average water temperature is + 26-28 ° C, the largest amount of precipitation falls in October.

Kingston, Jamaica