Inter-American Open University (Argentina)

UAI Inter-American Open University. It is a private, secular, autonomous, plural and non-profit university in Argentina. It is part of the network of Vanguardia Educativa institutions, dedicated to educational advice and research since 1942.

Historical review

The UAI, founded in 1995, completes the cycle of an educational project that ranges from maternal education to Higher University and Postgraduate education, it is part of the network of Vanguardia Educativa institutions, a lay entity dedicated to educational advice and research since 1942.


Develop an Academic Project, which expresses the commitment to education in a path of permanent effort to respond to the social, cultural and political demands that current times require.

Strategic planning


Provide quality higher education at the graduate, postgraduate and undergraduate levels, offering conditions that favor social inclusion and thus contributing to the democratization of knowledge. This quality training focuses its gaze on the subject who learns with the purpose of developing their potential to the maximum through innovative, participatory and critical teaching methodologies that point to the search for answers to social problems.

It remains attentive to social and cultural transformations, and intends to actively intervene in the solution of real problems that affect life, man and the community. To this end, it dedicates efforts to the production and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge and to the provision of services to society.

Its commitment is the training of professionals who have critical reflection on the context, committed to the defense of values ​​and rights, capable of operating on reality from a humanistic and transformative position, leaders in the disciplines that call them together, competitive in their environment, with himself and with an entrepreneurial spirit, capable of modeling his professional destiny in any circumstance.


It is to become one of the benchmarks of Higher Education and contribute to the social development of the country.


  • Architecture
  • communication Sciences
  • business Studies
  • Lawand Political Science
  • Educational Research and Development
  • Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Human Motor and Sports
  • Psychologyand Human Relations
  • Information Technology
  • Tourismand Hospitality



  • Master in Senior Business Management
  • Master in Administrative Law
  • Master in International Trade Law
  • Master in Pharmacological Clinical Research
  • Master in Organizational Psychology
  • Master of Educational Technology
  • Master of Information Technology


  • Specialization in Cardiology
  • Specialization in Psychoanalytic Clinic
  • Specialization in University Teaching
  • Specialization in Sports Kinesiology
  • Specialization in Digital Journalism
  • Specialization in Networks and Distributed Systems
  • Specialization in Bankruptcy Syndicate
  • Specialization in Health and Safety in Construction

Inter-American Open University