How to Decorate Houses According to Studio Boot

Discover how to decorate their own homes thanks to Studio Boot designers, a spectacular full of recovered pieces, antiques and vintage furniture eclectic home, with a clear preference for the 1950s furniture and lots of color.

This ground floor, first floor and attic is located to the South of Holland in a renovated old mechanical workshop, to which decided to give a second life. The own Studio Boot says: “I was in a bad state, but we saw the potential of its 1,100 m2”.

They needed two years to transform it into your current home and Studio, the reform was in charge of the study of architects Hilberinkbosch Architect-en. On the ground floor of the House there is a plenty of work with two law firms and a bright Hall with a soaring glass ceiling.

We also found on the ground floor a spectacular kitchen, dining room and garden. In the first plant decided to locate a huge lounge subdivision into several areas, and in the attic, the bedroom of the couple.

The Studio Boot is formed by Petra Janssen and Edwin Vollebergh, a couple professional and personal, and is one of the most important studies of graphic design in the Netherlands. The couple decided to design his home and Studio, moving the world of graphic design to decoration.

“We like to define ourselves as urban nomads, collectors who are surrounded by furniture with history. We collect things for more than 25 years and have been with us since our first House. “It is the case of antlers, which we love since we were studying together”, says the couple.

They retained many of the architectural elements of the workshop to thus provide memory to the place, they preserved beams and added various antiques acquired at auctions or recovered pieces, such as an old hospital radiators.

Piet Hein Eek was who helped restore the glass ceiling and who created the wonderful dividing wall made with recycled blue windows and doors It separates the kitchen from the study.

Thus they separated from visual and clear the private from the working area. The Turquoise color of the kitchen wall It is a must have, which we discussed in adds a turquoise touch to your kitchen, which you can use in any area or kitchen cabinet.

“We understood him as an element of independent study in our private area, and this gives us total freedom: If we need to work at night without disturbing us, we can do it, and if we want to make a meal out of view of our customers, also. “This House is very generous and fits perfectly with our philosophy of life: grow as human beings, as family and designers”, Petra account.

One of the main parts of the apartment is the Cooper Lamp by Tom Dixon, of which we talked about makes a couple of day on how combining the white, black and copper and a natural and cozy look here appears in triplicate in the dining room, next to green Chair table two of Roderick Vos, and an upholstered bench of Piet Hein Eek.

In the kitchen, they decided to put a huge kitchen island, which is actually a recycled laboratory table, illuminated by lamps from Ikea copper, also we see a Chair recovered from an old hospital.

We got to the first floor, dedicated to the living room, the first thing we see is a yellow closet divider, to create two spaces, yellow contrasts with the leather sofas of the 60 of Hans Olsen for CS Glostrup. Yellow is another very current color, which makes nothing talking about eight ways to put a bit of yellow in your home.

The living room is full of large parts such as floor lamp by Piet Hein Eek, Dick van Hoff wood cage, 50 coffee table recovered and upholstered with ostrich skin, and round off the impressive and wonderful Moldovan carpet in black printed with huge flowers in red.

In addition could not miss the classics of industrial design as the marriage Eames rocker, soil Arch of Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglion, Bolla of Eero Aarnio Chair or lamp flexo foot Jielde contrast with folk pieces, recovered objects and furniture made to measure, is the great world of eclecticism.

We find the hottest salon space next to a beautiful Dick van Hoff stone stove, guarded by a lamp of flowers acquired at an auction and a black Marktplaats 50s aluminum Chair.

Finally we got to the Attic where the bathroom and bedroom are located in a single open space. The large rectangular bathtub positioned in the Centre presides over the bedroom, which is supported by a blue dividing wall that conceals a double sink back.

This space I would highlight the prints of thousand and one colours in contrast with a white and relaxed atmosphere, as the beautiful quilt from Designers Guild, the beautiful Chinese folding screen of 50 and the patterned carpets spread throughout the space.

A curious fact is that in each plant they have placed a different soil, depending on the needs. On the ground floor have opted for microcemento functional and warm floors, in the the first plant soils have a more stately look, they are placed wooden Spike and Garret found the soil more rustic and comfortable with a wide light-wood slats.

You can also apply this idea between spaces of a single plant, microcemento cuisine, common spaces, as the lounge and dining room with wood in Tang and bedrooms with wide slats of wood. Or you can also combine with other options like these eight beautiful and original ways of putting hardwood floors.

In general we see a color palette in earth tones, nude, creams and beige with a thousand and one touch color, in general cake combined with some other bright color, as we saw in combining pastels with some bright and vivid color.

In terms of materials, include copper, skin and wood, seasoned with many textiles and carpet, as we forecast in the must have Un Must haves for winter and decorative fall 2013, soft skin with a “look” worn sofas.