Homes That They Inspire: Live Comfortably on 33 Square Meters

I could not get this House after seeing the images, and I think that it will be all a help for those who follow this blog looking for solutions for the smaller apartments.

Which you see in the images, oddly enough I have just 33 square metres, something that have managed to hide in an amazing way. I don’t know if it has happened, but when I saw the images the first time ever have imagined it.

In General, to get make this floor space visually wider they have used some of the tips that I have given you many times:

  • use the White to enhance the brightness and get so spaces appear to be broader and more clear
  • take advantage of the natural light which have (admittedly that respect to that plays with a great advantage) to also give light to these spaces
  • the divisions as you can see are minimum, living room and bedroom are in the same space, the same thing happens in the case of the kitchen and dining room.
  • used versatile furniture such as for example the folding table in the dining room or the trunk that have been used as bedside table in the living room
  • not abused for furniture and textiles, as well as color, in this way has been achieved that the environment will not appear overloaded.

Particularly I’ve loved several rooms, as the end of the Hall have been used as dressing room. Where have they placed several shelves with baskets to make the most of the space and have a proper and comprehensive place for storage:

The kitchen also it has drawn much attention and is that despite being a small apartment they have managed to have a pretty large kitchen.

How? So easy, have succeeded regardless of the dining room, in this way have more room to work in the kitchen. Instead of Dining room they have placed a simple folding table on the wall opposite the kitchen, which you can open and close according to the needs that you have.

The living/sleeping room It is one of the biggest stars of the floor, I love how have faced bed and living room, taking advantage of both the luminosity of the window.

Also in salon the trunk It gives a space for extra storage, in addition to the suspended chest of drawers, that suspended effect makes it occupies less space and visually room seem bigger.

Here you also have the gallery with some more pictures of hallways and details of the salon that is sure they will like you.

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