Homes That They Inspire: Books in Pozuelo

If you like the books, the Windows, the nature and the architecture modern I am sure that this House that I bring you today, to fatten our list of homes that inspire you will love.

In addition, before you start with it, I have to tell you that it has been designed by A-cero, a Spanish study and is located in Pozuelo, so I can’t deny that when I saw it in one of my favorite American blogs I can’t deny that it left some patriotic pride.

The main feature of the House is the architecture. Geometric shapes throughout the entire House, simplicity, and large windows that make the outside part of the decoration.

Personally I like is the most that the indoor swimming pool, Although I see it a bit cold, the same thing the outside, that despite the gardens in my view needs more life.

As for the decor, have drawn me much attention the carpets, that even though they are very well, the truth is I not imagined that mix in a modern style house.

They are along the rooms, from the library, the classroom, passing through the halls, all with red and ocher colors.

Pity not to have any photos of the bedrooms or bathrooms, but that Yes, we have much to say of the salons, both open to the exterior. One more familiar with several sofas in black, and other more professional, with views of the outdoor swimming pool and several small armchairs.

The best of House, the union line is the library, which is part of the Library and it surrounds the entire House from the top. All of it on glass.

The criticism? So from my point of view, and abroad, something is missing color, since there are only hints of color through the carpets and the walls pictures.

In addition to taking into account the size and the height of the ceilings of the rooms is Miss very some type of plug-in, which you more life. However, especially with regard to provision of libraries and use of views to complement decorative it is really a source of inspiration.

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