Hate Dictionary Definitions

The first thing we have to do in order to establish the meaning of the term abhor is to discover its etymological origin. In this sense, we can determine that it derives from Latin, specifically, from the word “abhorrescere” that is the fruit of the sum of several components:
-The prefix “ab-“, which is used to indicate distance.
-The verb “horrere”, which can be translated as “feel horror”.
-The verbal suffix “-sc-“, which becomes part of the verb forms in infinitive ending in “-ecer”.

The first meaning mentioned in the dictionary refers to the fact of hating for something or someone.

For example: “After doing the same thing for so many years, I came to hate that job”, “I think there are several reasons to hate the government”, “The public went from hating the singer to cheering him on. ”

The antipathy or animosity may arise for various reasons. Suppose a man is forced, for various reasons, to work twelve hours a day in a poorly paid job. In this job, in addition, he is mistreated by his boss. This person is likely, at some point, to hate this job even if they have to keep it because they need the money.

Abhorring a person can be a feeling that acts as a slab for those who have it. Therefore, it is established that if you want to put aside that antipathy for another, what you should do is carry out the following advice:
-It must be clear that hatred or animosity do not lead anywhere, that is, they do not serve not positive at all.
-It is advisable to show some empathy with others and especially with that individual whom you hate.
-You should avoid spending time thinking about that person and what he “hates”.
-It is also established that a good measure in this regard is to think about why it is hated and, after finding out, decide to turn the page. Writing them down or reflecting on those motives are more than enough to “get them out” and make them disappear forever.
-You have to try to change the opinion that you have of that individual, focusing on positive things that you have or good times lived by your side.

The notion of hating, in a similar sense, is used to name the annoyance that something that bores or tires that generates. A child who is forced to eat carrots every day may hate this food because he is fed up with consuming it constantly. That is why his parents should propose various food options so that the little one does not end up getting tired of any.

Finally, abhorring is what a bird does when it moves away from its eggs or young, abandoning them. This abhorrence can arise if a human gets too close to the nest and begins to manipulate the eggs. In this situation, the animal can leave and no longer pay attention to its eggs.