Glass Bells, Kitchenware Adorno

There is nothing more difficult in the Crystal decoration. In the Christmas ornaments is original and very elegant, moving away from the traditional use such as cheese or to cover cakes, the cloches they are a beautiful ornament, with some simple branch of fir or balls of color, with a Ribbon on top as auction, or nothing, if it is the classic Bell that formerly housed a religious or profane image.

In search of a Christmas decorations bit overdone or directly very light in white, silver and glass is the perfect complement. It is also a very helpful embellishment, last minute that is spectacular and festive.

Some simple branches of FIR with shiny balls, so the brightness of the glass not turn off its shine or even recreation of the famous snowballs (for this you need a part below), by introducing a few snowmen made from fondant or fabric on a handful of sugar to snow mode, will delight children.

And another thing you can get is a Center made with objects on the same topic by way of time capsule, as the guru of decoration Martha Stewart It’s made with a pen, an Inkwell and a sheet of old paper written with ink.

With the dried flower arrangements I’m always critical. They are very dangerous. Are spectacular or makes me want to throw them in the nearest fire and although the imagination is free, You must be careful with objects that we left under the hood, sometimes there is a risk that are a little showcase of horrors, not you think get crappy collections and nothing of caspases sculptures..

If after a while testing decorations under one crista campaignl is nothing happens when you or doesn’t convince you the result… better keep a good piece of Cabrales cheese.