Forest Dictionary Definitions

Forest is a site populated by trees but not exclusively. Ecosystem where the predominant vegetation is trees, cover an important portion of the planet earth and have functions such as: habitats of some animals, soil conservators and modulators of hydrological flows.

There are different types of forests under certain parameters, such as: climate, latitude, vegetation, leaf longevity, among others. Primary or native forests, as the name implies are virgin forests that have not been explored by man, as is the case: Amazon rainforest, rainforests of Africa, among others, secondary forests named for the forests that developed after destruction by human activity or natural phenomena.

In reference to vegetation, coniferous forests are characterized by being located in cold areas and have tall trees such as pines or fir trees, leafy forests are developed in tropical and temperate climates, have a diversity of species, such as: the jungle and, finally, mixed forests have characteristics of both forests, indicated above.

In relation to the leaves, deciduous forests are characterized by having trees that lose their deciduous leaves, broad leaves that do not withstand winter temperatures, these forests are located in: United States, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, compared to the evergreen forests even though they are in areas with cold seasons always keep their boughs.

Forests are exploited by the wood extraction industries that use them for the construction of furniture, fuel, construction materials and paper, among other uses. The indiscriminate felling of forests for industrial use has endangered the forest mass of the planet and, for this reason, fast-growing tree plantations are used for the industrial use of wood.

On the other hand, the term forest, figuratively, is the disorderly abundance of something, creates confusion.

Temperate forest

Temperate forests are characterized by being located in areas of abundant rainfall, moderate temperatures and have various species, such as: deciduous forests, evergreen forests, and so on.

Tropical forest

Tropical forests are located near Ecuador, temperatures are maintained throughout the year and rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year. The vegetation is broadleaf, in this type of forest different kinds of species are evidenced, such as: dry forest, wet forest, tropical forest, among others.

Mediterranean forest

The Mediterranean forest develops in regions with Mediterranean climate, has winters, summers, autumns and springs with abundant rainfall. It also has a vegetation adapted to frequent forest fires.

Foggy forest

The misty forest, also known as the Andean forest, is located in the high part of the mountains and, for most of the year it is immersed in mist or low clouds with abundant rains and strong winds.