Festa Julina Delight in Alphaville 2!

Pula, Pula Freek bonfire iaia bonfire! Think of a Festa Julina beyond whimsical? As it is! I went on the Alpahville 2 Juliana Party this weekend (you saw on Instagram right?) and I confess that I had never been to a party so beautiful, organized and neat like this! I was in love with the family atmosphere of this beautiful condo, families gathered, adults and children having fun, parents and children playing together, very beautiful sight these days.

Party decor was also neat, with everything that festa julina is entitled: bonfire, pennants, straw hat, stalls … All a amooorr, the way a festa Julina has to be! As the Alpahville environment is secure and familiar, parents might enjoy the party while the kids if you just play!!! Had mechanical bull my people!

And when it comes to Jerk/Julina for us adults the best part are the food isn’t genteee??? I freaked out on the party foods, at the whim of the dishes and especially in flavor! Without exaggeration on my part (I’m exaggerated anyway) but the food was extraordináaaariaaaa! Tasted all confess kkkkkk, even to be able to tell you the truth kkkk why I’m a palpiteira of handful hahahahahaaa.

Congratulations to all the residents and owners of the Alphaville 2 , the quality of the event, super original decor, the work of those involved, for caring that was clear on all the details of the party, actually the weather is that everything that is done with quality, love and dedication turn tradition!