Fertilizer Dictionary Definitions

The fertilizer is a substance that can be inorganic or organic and which is used to increase the quality of soil and nutrients provide crops and plantations. The manure, for example, are natural fertilizers.

The inorganic fertilizers, also called mineral fertilizers are obtained exploiting nature reserves and the synthesizing certain substances.

Despite the fact that the fertilizers allow the fertilization of the soil, it is necessary not to use them in excess since they can be toxic and affect the crops, or they can even modify the level of acidity present in the soil.

The fertilizer in particular is purchased in specialized stores where expert professionals will advise us on the one that best suits us depending on the objective we are pursuing and its recipients. However, it must also be underlined that we can carry out the manufacture of our own fertilizer.

Thus, to elaborate that one, which will have a high quality, only a series of natural waste elements are needed that we will find in our own garden. Specifically, we are referring to pruned branches, dry leaves, plant debris, cut grass, or apple trunks, for example. Products all of them that will give a perfect food to our plants and flowers and that will conform to compost after we get them to decompose when they are subjected to the action of oxygen and humidity.

According to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the countries that use the most fertilizer are China, the United States, India and Brazil, in that order.

A subscription, on the other hand, is a set of tickets or tickets that are purchased in batches and that allow an individual to periodically use a facility, access a show or use a service.

An example of this type of subscription is usually found in the opera. There are theaters that offer passes so that interested people can buy the right to attend all the functions of the season. In this way, a single payment (or the payment of several fees) guarantees entry to the shows.

The fertilizers are also marketed in the sport so that the supporter of a team can attend all the games in which their team plays at home and plays in their stadium.

In addition to all the aforementioned, it must also be emphasized that there is what is called a transport pass. This in particular is a card or title, of a personal and non-transferable type, thanks to which we can carry out a series of trips, during a certain and established period, through a city using the different public means of transport existing in it.

Thus, for example, in the capital of Spain, in Madrid, there is a transport subscription available to all citizens of the city by means of which they can move around it using both urban buses and the existing Metro Network.