Famous Homes: The Peculiar World of Linda Rodin

To see the name of Linda Rodin in the heading of this post maybe you may have wondered who is Linda Rodin? This creative woman is well known in the United States; Stylist of fashion and entrepreneur, is all an entrepreneur and an important part of the history of New York fashion. The model Adriana Lima and the Oscar-winning Halle Berry they are some of the stars who usually wears. Currently, it produces Olio Lusso, a line of beauty for face and body of great acceptance.

This home has an undeniable personal seal, her Rodin reflects your personality, hobbies and memorabilia. Sure to be many lend hands to the head to see so many things and disparate as exposed in cabinets and tables, but I personally love their vivid appearance and everything in its spacious rooms let show through, a Bohemian atmosphere, personal and contrary to the established order. Located in New York, in the Chelsea neighborhood, this House is the residence of Linda Rodin since twenty years ago.

In the living room clear tones dominate dotted with small hints of color shades, from which hang some original garlands. In one of the walls, a series of furniture of different styles make up an area of storage and exhibition. A French Cabinet rests on a furniture low, inside we see a large collection of perfumers. Part of his collection of photography is exposed on the ground, supported on the furniture. Details as the small armchair with a cushion in the form of pink that offers its petals as seat, brings sweetness and charm to the whole.

Next to it we find a corner dedicated to the rest of Billy, cute dog. The window is yours, there rests on a double mattress, secure and happy. In each one of the rooms you will find a bed prepared for your rest, ultimately, Billy is the King.

An upholstered couch in chenille, covered with a thin crochet quilt and crowned by three giant cushions offered as seat. A room that navigates between the casual and the vintage with a marked Parisian air.


In another of the rooms you will find one chaise longue cover with a cloth very brightly, in which two RAM into magenta-colored fur cushions invite relaxation. On the comfortable we found a collection of shells and conches, a recurring object in this home, which Linda possesses and exhibits a wide collection.

I love the mannequin that looks next to the commode, a headdress studded metal skeleton, another more filled with charm detail. Much of Linda furniture come from flea markets or antique shops, the mixture of styles is the House brand.

A chest of drawers is dedicated exclusively to one collection of shells large size. Under it, boxes of different materials and sizes are more treasures, carefree by precious and occupied in personal comfort aesthetics.


Of all a fashion guru would be expected a study huge, minimalist, and with the latest technologies, but Rodin is original, charming and secluded as you can only be a work area located inside a cupboard. Here it works on its projects, surrounded by images that are stepped on some other struggling to be seen.

A chaos that is compensated by the order in which are stored their tools, classified in boxes over and under the desk.

The bedroom little more clear is a, bed focuses attention offering a fluffy blanket to Billy, who accepts the invitation pleased. We again see the cushions with petals, this time in a delicate blue, supported in the header. On the bed a portrait of the mother of Linda, painted in the 1930s, is accompanied by two superb white applique. On the bedside table a carefully formed pile of books talks about his fondness for reading.


Kitchen did not expect less … nothing conventional furniture. From antique wood cabinets are responsible for saving a thousand bottles, cups, bottles and how not, snails and shells. A little communal kitchen, a fantasy world that can only be the result of a unique character and an overflowing imagination.

On the ceiling, lamp shells clinking as the jars of jam is held in precarious balance.


And if the kitchen surprise, bath It is not less. Lanterns, mirrors and tears of glass melt on sober tiles. A Board decorated with small sea stars makes us ask ourselves about its utility, who knows, perhaps the muses are displayed during the shower … a checkerboard flooring offers a common sense among so much inspiration.

A House for love it or loathe it according to the taste of each one. I would love it eternal and inevitably.