Famous Homes: Giorgio Armani’s Holiday House

Today we are going to talk about House of other great geniuses of fashion, Giorgio Armani. In this case not of his main house, of which I had already spoken but which has to spend their holidays, with large exterior views and plenty of sunshine.

Despite that, a holiday house, are perfectly the lines of his personality, something that is rare to take account of that many times we don’t give too much importance to the decoration of the houses where we only spend a few months a year. However, what kind of designer would if it did not? If they do not set down to the smallest detail?.

In general we can say that it is a House with exotic appearance, where each room has its own personality, marked with a different decoration, unique objects and memories style.

Let’s start by the terrace one of the most well-kept parts, which is logical considering that it is a vacation home. It has style árabe, with furniture and rugs in natural fibres and brown colors that are reminiscent of the desert.

The layout is amazing, is located in such a way that seems, despite his height, which is on the shore.

All their accessories, as the FAQ which you can see in the image or the tea are based on Arabic style, which helps to reinforce the personality of the terrace.

This terrace has a second zone, cover that you see in the image above where you can see part of the wall of the House in Stone and furniture in this case lined in cotton.

This wall outside of the House It is very familiar to me, and it is that the Stone It is widely used in the Canary Islands constructions, as you can see gives a cold appearance but helps heated housing and very original.

With regard to the bedroom We could define it as cold broadly, sincerely is a party less I like House and that does not seem suitable for the medium, tropical climate, a room in this ice blue.

The part most characteristic the Arcos that form the walls and the discreet decoration, only a bed, table and lamp at night, along with the fan complete bedroom.

The living room has several environments, decorated with furniture of different styles and colors. He emphasizes that crocodile which seems to me very tacky and nobody can stop that look.

Is restricted with windows going towards a sort of terrace or indoor gazebo.

Finally a small study, all friendly, that I could not work, it is curious how having abundance of light in the House for this corner has chosen a spot so dark, and the violet like color to decorate.