Energy Savings: LED Bulbs Offered Retired the”Small”

To bring down electricity of individuals, including retirees, Segolene Royal, Minister of ecology, announces two measures.

A small concrete gesture for some savings to the key? As part of the implementation of the law of transition energy, published in the Official Journal on 18 August 2015, Segolene Royal, Minister of ecology, announced Tuesday, August 25, two measures directly aimed at individuals. Objective: initiate ecological citizenship.

( 1) one million LED bulbs will be distributed primarily to people on a “small retreat”. In Exchange for two light bulbs that consume a lot of electricity, two vials low consumption will be available. These last on average consume 80% less than filament bulbs. If the terms are to be defined, the exchanges will be in town halls and through social landlords. A convention should be concluded with EDF in the next few days, allowing the distribution of 100, 000 bulbs from the month of October.
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2) of “tens of thousands” of new heaters will also be offered as a replacement for “old radiators”. Greedy electricity, they weigh “very heavily on household budgets”, according to the Minister. The devices of the 1970s and 1980s, the biggest consumers of energy, will be targeted as a priority.
• Who Will Benefit From This Device?

This measure should be to start the 212 “positive energy for green growth territories” (you can find the list here), spearheads of the energy transition. These communities offer a comprehensive program for a new model of development, more sober and more economical, and receive financial support for their projects.