Employer Lawyer Dictionary Definitions

The concept of employer attorney is used in Mexico with reference to a role assumed by a doctor or a degree in law. Let us remember that a lawyer is a professional who has the necessary qualification and title to defend one of the parties to a judicial process or to advise an individual on legal matters.

An employer attorney may be said to provide legal advice to your client, but not to represent you in court. In this way, it is possible to differentiate between the employer attorney and the attorney, who does act as attorney in fact or legal representative of his client within the framework of a process.

The functions of the employer lawyer are limited. The employer’s attorney is not in a position to appear at a hearing representing her client, nor can she sign a document on her behalf.

Among the capabilities of the employer lawyer are receiving notifications, filing certain appeals and carrying out procedural acts to defend the rights of his client. What you cannot do is delegate these powers to another individual or replace your client.

In order for a lawyer to be able to work as an employer lawyer, not only do you have to have the legal authorization to practice law, but you must also record your personal data in a document that constitutes an authorization issued by your client. If these requirements are not complied with, the employer lawyer cannot make use of the powers that correspond to her function.

It is important to establish that in that document in which the client issues his authorization so that his employer lawyer exercises the functions that correspond to the case, there must be a series of really relevant data. We are referring to essential data without which it will be considered that the authorization is not adequate.

Specifically, among the most basic are the following:
-The customer’s personal data, such as name and surname or identification number.
-The data referring to the judge who is handling the case in question.
-Specific information regarding what is the case. We are referring, above all, to the number of the file you have, who is the actor, who is the defendant and what type of case is it.
-The personal data of the employer lawyer.
-The authorization clearly stated that it is granted to the aforementioned lawyer who is in charge of representing his client.
-To finalize the document it will conclude with the signature of the client as well as with the date and place.

This is a specific type of lawyer, since there are many that exist and are classified, for example, according to the type of issues they deal with. Thus, we find these: –
Criminal lawyers, who are those who work in all the matters that are included in the Penal Code, crimes.
-Family lawyers, who are specialized in separations, divorces, child custody…
-Labour lawyers, who are responsible for carrying out cases related to labor issues.

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