Eclectic Dictionary Definitions

In the Greek is where we can establish that the etymological origin of the eclectic term that now concerns us is found. Exactly it derives from the word “ekletikos”, which means “the one who chooses” and that is the result of the sum of several components of said language:

-The prefix “ek-”, which can be translated as “from” or “from outside”.

-The word “lektos”, which is synonymous with “the chosen”.

-The suffix “-ikos”, which is used to indicate “related to”.

The eclectic adjective is used to describe one or that linked to eclecticism. This concept, for its part, refers to the tendency or attitude that implies taking an intermediate position between different ideas or positions. Eclecticism also refers to combining elements of different styles.

An eclectic environment combines elements of different styles.

Eclectic in philosophy

In the specific field of philosophy, the eclectics are those who seek reconciliation between doctrines of multiple systems, rescuing those that are more likely or correct. Philosophical eclecticism arose in Ancient Greece from the selection of conceptions from various schools, harmonizing them in a coherent manner.

Eclectic thinkers, therefore, were not tied to a paradigm, but resorted to various theories to deepen their understanding or reflection on a given topic. In this framework, they used to synthesize the thoughts of different currents.

The concept in art, architecture and decoration

Eclecticism also appears in the field of art. In this case, the eclectic is associated with a concurrence of styles and influences that are combined with each other. Eclectic architecture, within this framework, reached an important impact between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that the term in question is also used within the field of decoration. Specifically, we speak of the eclectic style, which is characterized by the fact that it mixes, in turn, several different styles and that it does not follow any type of rules in terms of interior design.

Eclectic architecture had its heyday at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Tips for decorating with an eclectic style

More and more people choose it to decorate their homes in order to shape absolutely personalized and unique homes. And to achieve that through the aforementioned look, they must follow, despite everything, a series of recommendations, to achieve that expected result:

-Do not mix more than two different styles.

-Despite the fact that the most varied colors can be combined, it is considered a success to opt for the basic and essential ones to be neutral. Hence, for example, it is recommended to opt for white walls.

-Take into account the prevailing trends at all times in order to choose the styles to unite. Thus, now you could choose to mix rustic and vintage.

The varied

Eclectic, finally, is used in colloquial language to refer to someone or something that, in some way, has varied characteristics.

For example: “I am an eclectic man, I don’t like being pigeonholed as someone from the right or from the left”, “The new album by the English band is very eclectic”, “Our film festival is eclectic: we exhibit everything from comedies to documentaries, going through dramas and horror movies”.