Dynamic Wall Clock Inspired by the Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower is always symbol good things, in mythology has been cradle and throne of gods, and has special meaning in a lot of cultures and countries, normally associated with concepts as with fertility, abundance, purity, triumph, wealth… in short, all kinds of things positive.

So it is a good idea to draw inspiration from this flower for the design of Add-ins decorative, in general in any flower, because all are beautiful, but especially in one like this that has also a few so favorable meanings. In Dripta they have taken into account all of this and they have used that inspiration to create a Watch very dynamic, that we can change ourselves and that is called Lotus.

In the image above, you can see the Watch from ejinhua in several of the colors where they are available and in a number of ways in which we can put it, the idea is that the petals they form the surface of the clock, they can be moved and grouping them or separating them more or less, we will vary the shape, in some cases resembles other things rather than a flower, sometime even to a butterfly.

If any of you especially like in White, but sees you the problem that doesn’t stand out enough on the wall, I show you below, the ideal contrast which gives us the clock on background Black. The case is that if we choose a color clear for the watch, ideally will be place on a dark background, which can be black, ash grey or brown chocolate.