Do It Yourself: a Slate Table Runner to Aid in a Potluck

Christmas dates, probably approaching the time of year in which we have more meals in our homes. If you are going to have many guests, you maybe want to make a Standing buffet meal, that each one takes what seems to him and just dishes and cutlery are used. This kind of social events are a great time to try new decorative forms as the Slate table runner I bring you today.

As you can see, we start from a Black table runner, which can be fabric, adhesive paper as example or slate Stone (although I recommend the first option). The idea is that Blackboard will aim instructions to take every thing with its ideal accompaniment, as cheeses with wines that you see in the main picture.

The good thing about using the choice of adhesive paper It is that it can also be used to mark the tops or vessels with a chalk, as you can see in the image above. It also has the advantage that can be reused since usually this type of paper has enough strength.

I think I’m going to animate to the Slate table runner for the holidays, or for the next birthday. Do not you think an idea original?