Determination Dictionary Definitions

The determination is the commitment, perseverance, diligence or obstinacy with which we do something. The word, as such, derives from the verb hinca , which in turn comes from the Latin vulgar figicāre , which means ‘to fix something in a place’.

In this sense, we do something hard when we are determined to fulfill or fulfill a specific purpose.

Thus, the effort is also the effort, energy or determination with which we undertake a task, activity or responsibility.

In this way, when we assume tasks or responsibilities of great importance, it is normal for us to do our best, using our resources and skills to obtain the best possible result.

Thus, someone who works, studies or fulfills a function earnestly does so with great commitment and commitment, and, from this effort, hopes to reap fruit.

For example, the workers who have the deadline to finish a certain work, such as the construction of a building, very close work hard.

He negotiates hard the businessman who hopes to obtain a favorable treatment for his company.

Study hard the young man who aspires to pass all his subjects.

Synonyms of determination  are perseverance, stubbornness or insistence. Antonyms of determination  would be apathy, indifference or carelessness.

In English, determination  can be translated as zeal , burning or fervor . For example: ” We have to value the zeal of legal aid lawyers ” (we have to assess the plaster of justice lawyers).