Dent Dictionary Definitions

The action of denting consists in causing the subsidence of a certain surface through pressure or blows. For example: “I will lend you my car, but drive with caution: if you get to dent it, you will have a big problem”, “After denting the door with a punch, the singer left the hotel furious”, “If you keep hitting the can, it’s going to dent. ”

The idea of denting usually appears linked to vehicles. The body of cars and trucks is usually metallic for the most part. So when a vehicle is involved in a crash, the body is likely to dent. Denting a car is not only an aesthetic problem: it also reduces its value. A car that is dented has a lower value than another that, with similar mechanical and technical characteristics, presents an impeccable body.

In general, all metal objects can be dented. On the other hand, the wooden or stone elements, to name two possibilities, are not dented since, upon impact, they break or fracture. The result of the dent is known as a dent: “The truck had a dent in the right front door after the crash. ”

Since car maintenance tends to have a significant financial impact even during non-problem seasons, the most discerning users have developed various techniques for treating and correcting dents without the need for specialist services.

One of the homemade methods to repair small or medium dents on a car body can be carried out with the following four elements, most of which are often found at home:

* very thick rubber or latex gloves. Failing that, those who wish to invest a little more money can opt for industrial gloves, such as those used in jobs that require the handling of sharp objects or substances dangerous to health;

* dry ice, which is also known as carbonic snow. It is important to clarify that it is carbon dioxide, and not water. In nature it occurs in a gaseous state, and therefore does not leave a wet residue when it sublimes;

* aluminum foil, something that many people use in the kitchen to wrap the food that is taken to the oven, for example, to make cooking more even or more intense;

* a hair dryer that allows regulating the temperature.

Having assembled these elements, it is possible to proceed to repair the dent of the car. First of all we must heat the affected area with the hair dryer, taking care not to bring it closer than 13 centimeters, always at medium temperature. It is important not to overheat the paint.

The second step is to cover the dent with aluminum foil, which will prevent heat from escaping and protect the paint from the action of dry ice.

With the help of gloves, we must take the dry ice and place it on the aluminum foil and rub it gently so that the sudden change in temperature causes the surface to contract. Once the dented area is flattened, a metallic noise will be heard, at which time we can remove the paper and dispose of it properly.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) also mentions that denting is the process that takes place when you decorate something with balls or spherical ornaments.

Finally, it should be noted that floating (with Y instead of LL) is a concept that is linked to placing buoys (floating objects that are installed in the water as a signal).