Demolition Dictionary Definitions

Even Latin would have to leave in order to find the etymological origin of the term demolition that now concerns us. Specifically, it emanates from the word “deripare”, which is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts: the prefix “de-“, which means “from top to bottom”, and “ripa”, which can be translated as “border”. ”.

The notion of demolition is used to name the demolition of buildings. The term is also applied in reference to the materials that are removed from said demolition. For example: “The crane took almost an hour to complete the demolition of the building”, “With the demolition of the old theater, there are no longer 19th century buildings in the city”, “The authorities assured that the scheduled demolition is the best option since the structure can collapse at any time”, “To proceed with the demolition, we have to evict the neighbors”.

Demolitions can be ordered for multiple reasons, such as the intention to develop a new construction on the site or the danger of spontaneous collapse due to failures in the structure, among others. See Abbreviation Finder for acronyms related to Demolition.

The concept of shooting down can be used, however, in a broader way to cover anything that is shot down or made to fall: “The plane was shot down by a missile launched from the African coast”, “With the help With a lasso, the man managed to bring down the bull that was terrifying the neighbors”, “He hit him repeatedly in the face until he knocked down his opponent”.

Historically there have been demolitions that have marked a before and after. These are events that have gone down in the annals as culminating moments due to various circumstances:

  • Demolition of the Berlin wall. In the year 1989 it was when the fall of that construction took place that was raised with the clear purpose of dividing and separating the city into two zones: the one that was under the power of the German Democratic Republic and the one that was controlled by the German Republic. German Federal.
  • Demolition of the Twin Towers. One of the most serious terrorist attacks that have occurred to date was the one that led to the collapse of those buildings in New York on September 11, 2011. And all as a result of some planes hijacked by jihadists crashing into them.

We must not forget either that demolition is a term that is also used to refer to the action that is carried out with the clear objective of getting a cow or a bull to fall to the ground.

Specifically, this work is carried out within an equestrian-type competition that responds to the name of harassment and demolition. It is carried out by two participants, a protector and a pole vaulter, who try to achieve their purpose of bringing down the bull in the shortest time possible.

It should be noted that the knockdown can also be symbolic, without implying a physical fall. A journalist can indicate that the bankruptcy of a bank marked the downfall of citizens’ confidence in the economy, or that the defeat of a football team involved the downfall of supporters’ confidence in the team’s coach.