Decorative Week: Corners to Work, Mini-Mesas for Autumn

This week has been full of news, on the one hand the month of October with its decorative ideas of autumn and her plans for Halloween and already on Saturday launched the first chapter of the La School of decoration program that had created very high expectations and that much continue to talk in the coming days. But we don’t want to let go our usual overview weekly which has given if the blogosphere decorative.

Today we have a selection of places to work, among many other things and start with one that shows Virlova in its ‘open space’ shelter and with revised rustic style. For many corners of the work that we will never be too much to inspire us, especially for those who develop part of our work from home, so that we see some more at

Decorative Week Corners to Work, Mini-Mesas for Autumn 1

In Decofeelings We are not one, but a wide selection of places of work for all tastes and in all styles. Some are typical of office, others are more home, and there are also recommendations on workshops that we can be useful.

And we still have another more in Interior Comodoos and this one, which you can see in the photo above, spotlight is probably the color of the seats and is that shapes and sizes are sometimes conditioned by available space, but the colors are totally our decision.

We continue with a minimesas, that can be used as auxiliary, as night tables or for the children’s room. We started with a perfect proposal of Boho Chic Deco It is to make small DIY tables from metal baskets. You can paint the basket and add a surface and the truth is that there are a few tables that are precious.

Decorative Week Corners to Work, Mini-Mesas for Autumn 2

But also I have fallen in love with the table of games for the children’s room showing us in Chic And Deco in a House on the outskirts of Biearritz. The table is adapted to the size of the smaller inhabitants of the House, but it is a perfect meeting place so that they pass a good time with siblings, cousins, or their friends.

And ended up with other interesting ideas for the decoration of autumn, for example a series of tips to put order in the pantry that come to us from the hand of Leroy Merlin in your plans section for our home and to which we are fully engaged with their fantastic proposals.

On the other hand is the issue of plants and well chosen flowers in autumn, that can help us to not take so much warm seasons and spring. In Live 0.0 give us some ideas especially for foreign and so our balcony is not abandoned, but on the contrary, during the cold seasons.

Decorative Week Corners to Work, Mini-Mesas for Autumn 3

And so far our decorative overview and blogosphere Today, I hope that you liked. I wish you enjoy a lot of what is left of Sunday and next week will come back with a new installment of the decorative week.