Decorate Your Bathroom Accessories with Geometric Drawings by Mondrian

It is possible that some of you have purchased for the bathroom accessories in white porcelain and now they have bored you, it might feel like to customize them and give them a touch of color and make it is not anything complicated. Today I bring you a proposal consisting in decorate with geometric drawings by Mondrian.

Indeed the very idea of decorating with color can be used to apply other many drawings or patterns, if you don’t like the geometric drawings you can choose other reasons to decorate the vase, the SOAP dish or dispenser, If we have a bit of skill and patience, in a few hours we can get our accessories a look completely different and renewed.

On these lines, we have the materials we need for decoration, the main thing is without doubt the bathroom accessories that will decorate the roles of paint color, I don’t know if you know them, but perhaps clarify which are papers that are immersed in water and stick directly on porcelain, we wait for it to dry and the color is perfectly fixed.

Of course, first of all, we have to cut out papers with the shape and size you want to configure our drawings, hence the choice of geometric forms and in particular the of Mondrian is adequate, because by its shape and size make the composition is not too complicated, yet must make a prior design, cut the pieces with a measure and then paste them with patience one by one.

And here’s the end result, a game completely shifted, the smooth white bathroom and monotonous we have gone to a pattern of drawing geometric and colourful, clear that it is matter of taste, that these drawings each worship them and other horrified them, but I repeat that within the same idea we can opt for other patterns, for example I think I would choose lighter colors and smooth vertical stripes to be placed.