Chrysalis Dictionary Definitions

In order to know the meaning of the term chrysalis, it is necessary to discover, first of all, its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that derives from the Greek “chrysallis”, which can be translated as “gold”, and which in Latin resulted in “chrysallis”.

The notion of chrysalis is used in the field of zoology with reference to the state prior to the adult stage that insects that undergo complete metamorphosis present.

The notion of chrysalis refers to the state that precedes the adult stage in insects that develop a complete metamorphosis.

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A state of holometabolous insects

Also called pupa, the chrysalis involves the transition between the larval stage and the imago stage (when the specimen reaches adulthood).

This phase is crossed by holometabolous insects, which are those that from embryo become larvae, then chrysalises and finally imagoes. Butterflies, flies, moths, and bees are holometabolous animals.

Moths and butterflies go through the chrysalis stage.

Chrysalis Characteristics

Although the state varies according to the species, the chrysalises do not usually move or feed. In the process, they shelter in a kind of capsule that provides them with protection while their organs are modified and adopt the new structure.

During the chrysalis stage, wings and legs develop progressively. Simultaneously, the body begins to take on the tripartite structure that characterizes adults, with an abdomen, thorax, and head.

The chrysalis stage can last from a few weeks to several months. At the time of hatching, the animal dissolves or breaks the cocoon and emerges in its adult state.

A metaphor

In the same way, at a social level, there are scholars who establish that the chrysalis is a metaphor for society with respect to women. Yes, because it is determined that these are in a transition phase towards what would be known as social metamorphosis.

This is due to the fact that it is considered that there is still a lot to fight and work to be able to ensure that women reach the equality they yearn for between men and women at different levels.

The notion of chrysalis in art and in other fields

“Crisálida”, on the other hand, is the name of a sculpture developed by the Mexican Manuel Felguérez. The work dates from 2014 and was made from a Volkswagen Sedan, the car also called Beetle.

Lastly, “Las chrysalises” is the title by which the novel “The Chrysalis” by the Englishman John Wyndham was known in our language.

Within the realm of fantasy and science fiction, this novel takes center stage as David Storm, who, as he grows up, discovers that he has a unique power: he can mentally communicate with children. A fact that he will not be able to bring to light considering that he lives in a community where religious fanaticism is rampant and where he bets that everything that goes against Jesus or is strange must be destroyed.

In addition, there is also a foundation that responds to the name of Crisálida Foundation and a store that is called Crisálida and that is specialized in the sale of garments that are the result of the most creative designs of its designer.