Personal Computer
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Personal Computer Dictionary Definitions

According to abbreviationfinder, Personal Computer is also known as PC. From the English Personal Computer is a microcomputer compatible with the IBM PC and designed to be used by a single person at a time, although some operating systems (such as UNIX, XENIX, LINUX and others) allow several users to work simultaneously (from consoles connected to the central […]

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GCC Dictionary Definitions

GCC. It is a compiler for GNU considered standard for operating systems derived from UNIX, the code open or also proprietary operating systems like Mac OS X. The acronym GCC stands for GNU Compiler Collection. Before this acronym for GNU C Compiler (GNU C Compiler). As its name suggests, it is a collection of compilers and […]

Graphical User Interface - GUI
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GUI Dictionary Definitions

According to abbreviationfinder, GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. After World War II, the United States was the center of technological innovation. In the 1950s, computers were large and rare machines, and their users highly skilled specialists. These early computers were equipped with command line numeric interfaces. Over time the technology evolved and the market […]

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Search Engine Dictionary Definitions

A search engine is a program used to find files, documents, and web pages. Most commonly, they are desktop or web search engines. While desktop search engines are only intended for local hard drives, web search engines scour the entire Internet. The best known web search engine is Google. In 1996, Altavista and HotBot, the […]

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SSL Dictionary Definitions

The secure transmission of data over the Internet has gained enormous importance today. More and more issues in daily life are being run over the web. With each of these actions, more or less sensitive data is exchanged. The protocol TCP / IP, which was mainly used up to now, was designed primarily for the […]

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PowerPoint Dictionary Definitions

If you are planning a presentation or a lecture in which you want to illustrate your content to your audience, modern presentation software is ideal. Microsoft PowerPoint has been the market leader in this segment for decades. Here you can find out which extensive possibilities the MS Office application offers you, which installation requirements you […]

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Mbit / s Dictionary Definitions

When it comes to speed on the Internet, you will often come across the term Mbit / s. This indicates the data transfer rate. But what exactly does Mbit / s actually mean? And what statements can be made about your Internet connection if you know the respective information in Mbit / s? What does […]

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MAC Address Dictionary Definitions

Everyone should know better by now, but some still believe that they are anonymous on the Internet. This is not the case: users can be identified directly via an ID that is assigned to devices and networks. Forum posts, comments in the social media network or photos can quickly be traced back to the sender. […]

Client Server
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Client Server Dictionary Definitions

The term client server is used in the field of computing. In this context, the device that requires certain services from a server is called a client. The server idea, meanwhile, refers to the equipment that provides services to the computers (computers) that are connected to it through a network. According to DigoPaul, the concept […]

HyperText Markup Language
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HTML Dictionary Definitions

What is HTML? HTML (defined as HyperText Markup Language on Abbreviation Finder) is a selection language (also called page description language). The idea behind this language is that an HTML document should be viewable by all browsers (browser) regardless of whether the visitor has items. a Mac or PC. Provided, then, that one codes according […]