Organic Fertilizer
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Organic Fertilizer Dictionary Definitions

The concept of compost has different uses, but this time we are interested in staying with its meaning as the substance used to fertilize the soil. The organic adjective, for its part, also has several meanings: it can be what has carbon as its main component. An organic fertilizer, according to Digopaul, is a type […]

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Abrasion Dictionary Definitions

Derived from the Latin word abradĕre, the notion of abrasion is linked to the fact and consequence of fraying or wearing down through friction. In the medical field, abrasion is a concept that refers to the almost superficial wound or ulcer of the epithelium or mucosa due to trauma or a burn. Also, according to […]

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Abomination Dictionary Definitions

In order to understand the meaning of the term abomination, the first thing we are going to do is know the etymological origin of this word. Specifically, we can expose that it comes from the Latin, exactly, of “abominatio” that can be translated as “action and effect of rejecting forcefully”. Furthermore, we can specify that […]

Induced Abortion
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Induced Abortion Dictionary Definitions

Abortion is the action of aborting (ending, disappearing before the natural term, failing, failing). The concept, which derives from the Latin abortus, is often used to name the termination of pregnancy, either by natural causes or intentionally caused. The induced abortion is the voluntary interruption of pregnancy. The practice is to provoke the premature termination […]

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Aboriginal Dictionary Definitions

The concept of aboriginal refers to someone or something originating from the soil in which they live. In this sense, you can name both a person (an Aboriginal tribe), an animal or a plant. When the term refers to a person, it is used to name the primitive inhabitant of a territory, so it is […]

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Absolution Dictionary Definitions

The concept of acquittal (whose origin is found in the Latin word absolutĭo) describes the fact of acquitting, a verb that refers to the action of stripping anyone who has been accused of a certain crime of criminal responsibility or, when it is a process civil, not to consider the claims included in a lawsuit. […]

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Abscissa Dictionary Definitions

It is known as abscissa (word derived from the Latin abscissa, “cut”) to a coordinate of horizontal direction that appears in a rectangular Cartesian plane and that is expressed as the distance that exists between a point and the vertical axis. The so-called abscissa axis represents the horizontal coordinate axis. This term that concerns us […]

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Absenteeism Dictionary Definitions

The truancy or absenteeism is the deliberate abstention from attending the job or fulfill an obligation. According to Digopaul, absenteeism also refers to the custom that an owner may have of residing outside the locality in which her assets are located. In this sense, an absentee is the landowner who lives far from his lands, […]

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Teetotaler Dictionary Definitions

Abstemium (from the Latin abstemius) is one who does not drink alcoholic liquids, such as wine or liquor. The concept is linked to who opts for abstinence (the voluntary renunciation of satisfying an appetite or pleasing a desire). Abstinence, in general, can be linked to various types of waivers, such as having sex or eating […]

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Absorbance Dictionary Definitions

The concept of absorbance is used in the field of physics. This is the measurement that reflects how radiation attenuates when it passes through an element. Absorbance can be expressed by a logarithm that arises from the link between the intensity that leaves and the intensity that enters the substance. Also referred to as absorbency […]