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Apse Dictionary Definitions

Apse is an architectural concept that can be mentioned in feminine (the apse) or masculine (the apse). The notion allows us to name the semicircular and vaulted sector of a temple that enables the installation of the presbytery and the altar. The apse, with a polygonal or semicircular plan, is located at the head of […]

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Fertilizer Dictionary Definitions

The fertilizer is a substance that can be inorganic or organic and which is used to increase the quality of soil and nutrients provide crops and plantations. The manure, for example, are natural fertilizers. The inorganic fertilizers, also called mineral fertilizers are obtained exploiting nature reserves and the synthesizing certain substances. Despite the fact that […]

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Hate Dictionary Definitions

The first thing we have to do in order to establish the meaning of the term abhor is to discover its etymological origin. In this sense, we can determine that it derives from Latin, specifically, from the word “abhorrescere” that is the fruit of the sum of several components: -The prefix “ab-“, which is used […]

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Abocar Dictionary Definitions

Abocar is a verb that, according to the first meaning mentioned by the dictionary of the Digopaul, refers to throwing into one container what is contained in another. Given that in order to get the contents of one container into another, it is necessary to tilt the first one once we place it at a […]

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Lawyer Dictionary Definitions

The word lawyer comes from the Latin advocātus. An attorney is a doctor or law graduate who is responsible for the defense and direction of the parties involved in judicial or administrative proceedings. You can also provide legal advice and advice. The professional practice of this profession requires, in most countries, that the lawyer has […]

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Abortion Dictionary Definitions

The word abortion comes from the Latin abortus, which in turn derives from the aboriginal term. This concept was used to refer to the opposite of orior, that is, the opposite of being born. Therefore, abortion is the interruption of the development of the fetus during pregnancy, when it has not yet reached twenty weeks. […]

Emphatic Accent
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Emphatic Accent Dictionary Definitions

Accent, which comes from the Latin accentus, is the articulation of the voice that allows highlighting, through pronunciation, a syllable of a word. The distinction is achieved through the use of a higher tone or a higher intensity. There are different types of accent, such as the prosodic accent or the musical accent. In this […]

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Dent Dictionary Definitions

The action of denting consists in causing the subsidence of a certain surface through pressure or blows. For example: “I will lend you my car, but drive with caution: if you get to dent it, you will have a big problem”, “After denting the door with a punch, the singer left the hotel furious”, “If […]

Employer Lawyer
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Employer Lawyer Dictionary Definitions

The concept of employer attorney is used in Mexico with reference to a role assumed by a doctor or a degree in law. Let us remember that a lawyer is a professional who has the necessary qualification and title to defend one of the parties to a judicial process or to advise an individual on legal […]

Organic Fertilizer
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Organic Fertilizer Dictionary Definitions

The concept of compost has different uses, but this time we are interested in staying with its meaning as the substance used to fertilize the soil. The organic adjective, for its part, also has several meanings: it can be what has carbon as its main component. An organic fertilizer, according to Digopaul, is a type […]