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GmbH Dictionary Definitions Part V

Which mandatory information apply to business letters from the GmbH? Merchants must always provide certain mandatory information in their business correspondence. In addition to conventional business letters, this also applies to e-mails. The information required for the GmbH and the UG (limited liability) results from Section 35 GmbHG. Accordingly, the following information is required to […]

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GmbH Dictionary Definitions Part IV

Liability in the event of bankruptcy Particular caution is also required with regard to liability in the event of bankruptcy . Even then, the shareholders only have to pay for the company’s debts with their invested capital. Often, however , the bankruptcy application is filed too late. Then things get tight for the managing director, […]

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GmbH Dictionary Definitions Part III

Admittedly, establishing a company and registering it in the commercial register requires a lot of time and precise preparation. Who would not like to be helped at this point? Often there is also a lack of knowledge of how to proceed with the registration. However, it is important to be careful, especially in connection with […]

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GmbH Dictionary Definitions Part II

What is the company name actually? The company name is a figurehead for every company. It is important to know, however, that you have to enter the company name in the commercial register. This is not the case with the business name. In § 17 HGB, it is described that the company of a businessman […]

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Search Engine Dictionary Definitions

A search engine is a program used to find files, documents, and web pages. Most commonly, they are desktop or web search engines. While desktop search engines are only intended for local hard drives, web search engines scour the entire Internet. The best known web search engine is Google. In 1996, Altavista and HotBot, the […]

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SSL Dictionary Definitions

The secure transmission of data over the Internet has gained enormous importance today. More and more issues in daily life are being run over the web. With each of these actions, more or less sensitive data is exchanged. The protocol TCP / IP, which was mainly used up to now, was designed primarily for the […]

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PowerPoint Dictionary Definitions

If you are planning a presentation or a lecture in which you want to illustrate your content to your audience, modern presentation software is ideal. Microsoft PowerPoint has been the market leader in this segment for decades. Here you can find out which extensive possibilities the MS Office application offers you, which installation requirements you […]

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Powerline Dictionary Definitions

Every room has at least one socket – why not use it for Internet access thanks to dLAN? What few people know is called Powerline and sounds very promising for all those who struggle with Internet access problems in their home network. Whether it is the weak WLAN signal arriving or the laying of LAN […]

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Internet Surfing Dictionary Definitions

Anyone who moves in the depths of the World Wide Web collects information, plays, gets to know people, works or has fun. As in real life, everything on the Internet is not perfect. Data is collected unnoticed and viruses and Trojans are transmitted. It is therefore important to read the tips on how to behave […]

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Media Library Dictionary Definitions

Users can access individual program content as videos and live streams on the Internet via a media library. The term “media library” also denotes institutions that offer media, such as libraries. In common parlance, however, “Mediathek” stands for the online programs offered by German television stations. A media library is an online portal in which […]