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Carnation Dictionary Definitions

Before knowing the meaning of the term carnation, let’s determine its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word of Latin origin. Specifically, it comes from “clavus”, which means “to close”. It is a plant that is part of the family group of caryophylliaceae and is characterized by its beautiful […]

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Plug Dictionary Definitions

In order to know the meaning of the term peg, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case we can determine that it is a word that derives from Latin, specifically from “clavicula”, which can be translated as “tiny key” and that it is a diminutive of “clavis”, “key”. […]

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Key Dictionary Definitions

A key is a code of signs agreed that is used to transmit a secret or private message. The etymological origin of the term is found in the Latin word clavis, which means key. According to DigoPaul, a key is also the sign or the combination of signs that allows you to operate certain devices […]

Musical Key
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Musical Key Dictionary Definitions

Before entering fully into the definition of the musical key term, we are going to try to establish the etymological origin of the two words that give it its shape: -Clave is a noun derived from the Latin “clavis”, which can be translated as “key”. -Musical, on the other hand, comes from the Greek. Specifically, […]

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Climacteric Dictionary Definitions

The concept of climacteric has its origin in a Greek term that is translated into Spanish as “step” and is used to identify the life cycle before and after the loss of genital functions. It is a transitional period that lasts for several years and develops from a significant decrease in the ability to produce […]

Closure 2
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Closure Dictionary Definitions

The term closure, derived from the Latin word clausūra, can refer to the obligation that certain religious have not to leave an enclosure and that also prevents the laity from entering it. By extension, the idea refers to the place where this practice takes place and the type of life of those who are subjected […]

Middle Class
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Middle Class Dictionary Definitions

The company consists of a group of people who interact with each other in the same space, they have common interests and live according to various shared norms and rules. In this group of individuals it is possible to recognize different classes: strata or categories that arise from common characteristics linked to economic means, ideologies, […]

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Climate Dictionary Definitions

The climate refers to the state of atmosphere conditions influencing a particular area. The everyday use of the term, in general, is linked to temperature and the record or not of precipitation (rain, snow, etc.). Although weather is sometimes used as a synonym for time, these concepts do not have the same meaning. Weather refers […]

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Clause Dictionary Definitions

The etymology of clause goes back to the Latin word clausŭla, which derives from clausus (a term that can be translated as “closed”). The clauses are the provisions that are part of a will, contract or other type of document. For example: “We have not yet signed the strategic agreement since there is a clause […]

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Clemency Dictionary Definitions

Before proceeding to determine the meaning of the term clemency, it is necessary to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can establish that it is a word that derives from Latin. It exactly comes from “clementia”, which can be translated as “mercy.” According to DigoPaul, the notion of clemency alludes to pity or […]