Market Research
Acronyms Business

Market Research Dictionary Definitions

Abbreviated as MR by abbreviationfinder, market research is a tool used by companies to obtain information about the market in which they operate or intend to operate. It serves both for an entrepreneur to test an idea and for companies already in operation to evaluate the direction of their business. Among the main purposes of […]

BA Business Administration
Acronyms Business

Business Administration Dictionary Definitions

Business administration, or “BA” for short by abbreviationfinder, is part of the field of economics. One of their goals is to run a company in such a way that the goods used are handled economically due to their scarcity. In this way, entrepreneurial decisions should be made even more well-founded (and of course for the […]

venture capital or VC
Acronyms Business

VC Dictionary Definitions

The term venture capital or VC comes from the USA and describes the provision of equity-like capital or liable equity. As far as the provision of venture capital is concerned, this is limited in time to a term of between three and ten years and is also contractually stipulated. For this, however, the provision of […]

Middle Class
Acronyms Business

Middle Class Dictionary Definitions

The company consists of a group of people who interact with each other in the same space, they have common interests and live according to various shared norms and rules. In this group of individuals it is possible to recognize different classes: strata or categories that arise from common characteristics linked to economic means, ideologies, […]